Monthly Archives: June 2014

Our Roads Needs More Police

copIf you want evidence that speed cameras and the like are more about revenue than road safety then look no further than the latest report by a motoring organisation which states that 60% of motorists say there are not enough police on the road. Law-abiding motorists are frustrated by the lack of a police presence on Britain’s highways and byways and believe there is little chance of law-breakers being caught and prosecuted. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon – Cars With No Flavour.

RADI have come to the conclusion that there are very many things wrong with the modern world. For example, we have all this connectivity yet we seem unable to connect with others in any meaningful sense. I had this epiphany the other day whilst eating a radish. It certainly looked like a radish and it was crunchy like a radish. What it lacked was flavour and any hint of a sharp zingy bite at the back of the throat which is what you got in days of yore. Continue reading

Sting By Name…The Vauxhall Corsa

3The car featured today is the three door Vauxhall Corsa with the 1.2L petrol engine (85PS) in limited edition Sting guise. Sadly, the performance does not match the appearance, so don’t be looking for a VXR badge anywhere on the body work. What we are looking at here is pretty much the last hurrah for the current Corsa which is slated to be replaced next year. Continue reading

Peugeot And The Breath Of Fresh Air

air-car-2It all started with a section of the sandal-wearing fraternity who smelled slightly of Patchouli oil. They were joined by swampy tree-huggers and their argument was compounded by the climate changers whose language went into hyperbolic overdrive as people with more, shall we say, financial interests got in on the act. In no time at all, the world was on the brink of an ecological disaster. We were all doomed and it was all the fault of the automobile. Continue reading

The Long Wait

At this time of year the sun is high in the sky, the ground beneath scorched brown from the heat. This is when the motoring world takes a bit of a breather. Holidays are taken and family obligations fulfilled. Yet, despite all the calm on the surface of the automotive duck pond there is still a lot of furious paddling going on underneath. Continue reading