Monthly Archives: September 2014

BMW X4 – First Time For Everything

At a recent event I had the opportunity to drive the new BMW X4 and I was reminded that I have never, ever, driven a BMW before. Of all the cars in all the world I haven’t sat in this one. The chance simply hasn’t come up. I had heard, obviously, that BMW are considered the benchmark when it comes to driving pleasure so it was good to finally get behind the wheel and out onto the road in this very smart – to give the full title – X4 xDrive 30d M-Sport model. Continue reading

The Sporting Audi S1 – For Grown-Ups Only

Before we start on today’s automotive delight, I’d like to give a quick salute to the Audi Press team. Not only have they loaned me the S1 you see in the images – in addition to several cars during the year – but they’ve also pushed the boat out to support an idea that’s been burgeoning in the DriveWrite brain since the Summer. More on this in due course but in the meantime, thank you Audi. Continue reading

A Question Of Sport

No, not the silly, gibbering facsimile of a once great sports quiz but rather a question of sport on TV generally. I bring this up because, scattered about at different times on the outer reaches of Eurosport, we’ve been treated to some outstanding racing courtesy of the World Rallycross Championship. Currently at the head of the leader board is the delightfully loony Petter Solberg, the former WRC star being hunted down by American legend Ken Block, yet I wonder how many of you motorsport fans have actually seen it? Continue reading

Dacia Duster – A Done Deal

When I saw that the Dacia Duster is being upgraded and improved, I though, “Here we go. On the strength of the Dacia success they’re going to move it up market and increase the price. Typical”. Well, that’s me shot down in flames then. As it turns out, the surprisingly good Dacia Duster will benefit from a package of styling and trim upgrades for the 2015 model year, but with no increase in the brand’s no-nonsense pricing. Continue reading

First Look – The Dramatic Audi RS4 Avant

I make no apologies for repeating myself and the thought is not original to me but, in the motoring world – even in these over-regulated nanny-knows-best days – there is still no replacement for displacement. Today, as a case in point, we’re having a quick look at the rather astonishing 444bhp Audi RS4 powered by a normally-aspirated 4.2L FSI V8. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Continue reading