Monthly Archives: November 2014

Black Friday Blues

Where America leads so Britain follows, they say. Last Friday proved that this maxim is true. A survey by the Atlanta-based car sales organisation in the USA says that Black Friday (or Day Of The Shopping Zombies as it is otherwise known here) typically kicks off the post-Thanksgiving year-end deal season for American car buyers. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in the UK but that doesn’t really seem to matter to the baying hordes. Continue reading

Motorsport In Great Britain

Britain is at the cutting edge of motorsport in more ways than one, writes Ade Holder:
In the light of Lewis Hamilton becoming one of an elite group of British drivers to be a multi-winning world champion, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at how involved we are as a country in not just the driving end of motor sport but the development and growth on all levels. Continue reading

Loeb Back For Monte Carlo Rally In Citroen DS3.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of talking to up-and-coming Welsh rally wizard Elfyn Evans and I asked him how he and the other drivers in the World Rally Championship felt now that the legendary Sébastien Loeb had moved on to other forms of motor sport. You’d think they would be delighted he’d gone but in fact Loeb is revered amongst these star drivers and sorely missed. Continue reading