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Driving – Is This The Beginning Of The End?

The DriveWrite 2015 diary is filling up fast with many press cars from many manufacturers. All the vehicles will be good and some will be terrific. A few, I know, are stupendous. But, as I found with a McLaren 650S a while back, will I be able to thoroughly put them through their paces or will I find, as I did with the supercar, that I am thwarted at every turn? Continue reading

Car Care – It’s A Year-Round Job.

This morning I went outside and discovered that what appeared to be a permafrost had enveloped my car and iced over the auto-grime beneath. What started out as a scrapping exercise developed into a full scale clean-up, working under a weak winter sun. I am still thawing out but the car is clean. Which brings me onto the subject for today. Personal automotive hygiene. After all, the state of your motor says a lot about you. Continue reading

Connected, Caught Or Snowed In?

This very morning (27th December) on BBC Breakfast TV, the Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss was interviewed by the presenter John Kay ostensibly about connectivity in rural areas and how it will make working and living in the countryside much easier. The minister, as you would expect, was singing the praises of this major initiative and her government’s involvement. Continue reading

Snow Way To Carry On

We’re back. Sorry about the silence but a major computer catastrophe put us out of action. More on this in due course but for now, let’s talk about the weather. We are probably coming up to that time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, when winter closes its icy claw around our nether regions and takes a firm grip. It is also the time when Mrs DriveWrite settles down to watch winter sport on the television. Continue reading

The Audi RS4 – Now and Then.

This article first recently appeared in the excellent  Audi Driver Magazine. Written by Geoff Maxted / DriveWrite:

It’s hard to equate the words ‘classic car’ with a vehicle that is just fifteen years old and yet, with the original Audi RS4 Avant, this is in fact the case. If the legendary RS2 from the last decade of the Twentieth Century was the RennSport Audi template so the RS4, designated B5 and unleashed at the turning of the Century, was the culmination of that development. Thus, when a nice chap from Audi asked if I would like to drive it, I was out into the car park faster than a scalded cat looking for a bucket of iced water. Continue reading