Monthly Archives: January 2015

Blue & White Tractor Man

Stan Potter continues his classic Ferguson tractor odyssey and once again demonstrates his considerable automotive skills: I am now the proud owner of a 1952 Ferguson TED20 tractor. Generically these were known as “The little Grey Fergie” but this one, as it was sold in France, was painted (at the factory) grey and red. It is known in the French farming community as Le Ferguson Gris. Continue reading

Help Me Find A Second Hand Car

That’s the universal me by the way: i.e. you. Here’s some sound advice from Ade Holder: Part 1 – what not to buy:
As a confirmed petrol head and motoring hack I get asked with growing regularity to help friends and family buy second hand cars. It is a request that evokes both trepidation and interest. Honestly I love hunting around for the right car for someone, but I also know the pitfalls and that makes me nervous! Continue reading

Toyota Return To The World Rally Championship

Between 1973 and 1999 Toyota were extremely successful in the FIA World Rally Championship arena but then dropped out. There’s been a resurgence of interest lately though – with the return of Volkswagen and Hyundai – so the company have decided to re-enter the foray from 2017. Toyota will compete with a car developed and built entirely at its technical centre in Cologne. Continue reading

Landrover Go Back To Where It All Began

Land Rover has re-created history by building an authentic replica of the production line used to manufacture its first 4×4 in 1948. The ‘Defender Celebration Line’ re-creates in detail how the first Series I Land Rover was built at the Solihull manufacturing plant just after the Second World War. Continue reading

A Niche Too Far?

Once upon a time people had simple opinions. They voted Tory or Labour; they loved or loathed Marmite and within their local area they supported City or United and so on. Community was easy-going and neighbourly. Now we have a society fractured into niche groups of the permanently affronted. No matter what you do or say you will upset someone somehow somewhere. Continue reading