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Godzilla Untamed: 2015 Nissan GT-R

Matt Keegan of Auto Trends Magazine spends a week with a monster:                                                       Every once in a while I hit the Mother Lode with my weekly drivers. That bonanza comes chiefly in the form of a sports car, a prized model that turns heads and snaps necks. A BMW M6, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911 4S, Corvette Stingray and a Jaguar F-TYPE have each landed in my driveway over the past two years. But it wasn’t until a Nissan GT-R arrived was I able to fully appreciate the historic significance and full-blown power of this iconic model. Continue reading

The We Want It Here Department: Honda S660

You will have no doubt heard of the Japanese Kei-car, a category of small vehicles that, to make them more affordable and attract lower taxes, can have engines no bigger than 660cc. The European versions of the Suzuki Wagon R and the Daihatsu Copen came from that stable. Well, now there’s a new one. Continue reading

Fancy A New X-PERIENCE? The Soft-Roader From SEAT

Early on a cold Spring morning I roused myself from the DriveWrite pit and set off to the dark depths of the Forest of Dean for the launch of the brand new SEAT X-PERIENCE. I was concerned about attacks from rabid, rogue wild boar that abound in this area of outstanding natural beauty but in fact all I encountered were some recalcitrant sheep who thought they owned the road. Continue reading

Done With Jeremy Clarkson

Like the effects of a massive rock dropped into The Pond, the ‘fracas’ furore ripples have reached all the way to the shores of the USA – as far as Illinois to be precise – and we find that even Bill Crittenden of the Crittenden Automotive Library has an opinion:                      I’ve defended Jeremy Clarkson through most of his foibles. He is, at heart, a comedian. People forget this because he was a comedian on an automotive program. Top Gear is about half comedy, half seriousness, and even the serious information is often presented in a funny way. It is to automotive television what The Daily Show is to [American] news. Continue reading

Subaru Outback – New And Available Next Month

Launched in the UK in 1995 and spawning a whole new vehicle segment, the Outback was the world’s first crossover, say Subaru, successfully combining the benefits of a passenger estate car with the all-road capabilities of an SUV. For twenty years, the Outback has acted as Subaru’s flagship model in the UK, winning praise for its practical, all-road nature and long distance capabilities. Continue reading

The Audi A7 Ultra Sportback – Less Is More

The weather during the week that our featured car had a sleepover was dismal. The light was flat and grey, not unlike living in a dirty Tupperware box. Road conditions were of the sort that throw up that sticky damp road muck onto the windscreen without actually raining and requiring almost perpetual use of the wipers. Inside the Audi A7 Sportback  Ultra however, all was cosy. Continue reading

The American Road #8: On The Right Side Of History

Bill Crittenden of the The Crittenden Automotive Library wonders who first decided on which side of the American road was the right side to drive:  I spend a bit of time reading really old newspaper articles on cars, and I’ve got to say that it gives one a completely different perspective to read what was considered important at the time rather than the basic “history” that has filtered down through the years. I found one line especially interesting… Continue reading