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Department Of I Told You So Etc: IAM Division.

Now, you know me. I don’t see it as my job patronise people. (Patronise, in this instance, means to treat folk condescendingly btw). I’m not one to say ‘I told you so’. I’m not the sort to bang on about how right I was all along but it is very nice to be proved correct by no less a body than the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Continue reading

Road Trip – The Volvo XC60 And A Pilgrimage To Lincolnshire

In the Thirteenth Century, Gwenllian, the baby daughter of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd – the last native Prince of Wales – was transported to a life of confinement at a Lincolnshire priory upon the orders of dastardly King Edward 1st after the death of her father in battle. In the interests of my daughter’s forthcoming book on the subject, DriveWrite planned a pilgrimage to learn more. Continue reading

Audi Work Towards CO2 Neutral Green Fuel

Not being Stephen Hawking I don’t profess to understand a lot of what follows but it is worth reporting as the race to develop the ultimate planet-saving fuel speeds up. In this regard, Audi say that they have taken another big step in the development of new, CO² neutral fuels: a pilot plant in Dresden, Germany, has started production of the synthetic fuel Audi e-diesel. Continue reading

The Efficient New Honda HR-V

The all-new Honda HR-V, say the company, will be one of the most efficient cars in its class and boast an unmatched combination of sought-after attributes when it arrives in showrooms across the UK this Summer. As you can see in the images we like the dynamic styling, which, Honda say, has class-leading interior space and versatility coupled with advanced infotainment and safety technologies. Continue reading

Killer At The Steering Wheel

I am shortly to undertake a long trip, thankfully in a very fine car of which more next week. No doubt, as my passengers go tramping about the countryside I will make my excuses – old football injury, hurt leg thanks to cleaning car etc – and lower the comfy leather seat to take forty winks. This makes sense because driving on our busy roads is more arduous than you think. Continue reading

The Never Ending Argument

I have a ritual. Actually, I have several but that’s maybe for later. Every Sunday morning I like to settle down with my newspaper and a mug of good coffee and spend the next couple of hours being impotently enraged on several occasions by the general wrong-thinking stupidity, pig-headedness and incompetence that inflicts the UK and world in general. Continue reading