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Vauxhall Corsa – New And Much Improved.

Vauxhall CorsaThe Corsa has long been a popular choice for buyers of small hatchbacks in the UK but the third-gen model was getting a bit long in the tooth and falling behind the competition. Vauxhall squeezed as much life as possible out of the old car but now the 2015 fourth generation Corsa is on target to reclaim the favour of a fickle public. Continue reading

The American Road #10: Goodbye General Lee

confederate flag, General Lee, Dodge ChargerBill Crittenden talks personally about why the fuss over the Confederate battle Flag in the USA is important: You might have heard that the Confederate flag is a bit controversial here in the States all of a sudden since nine African Americans were gunned down in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s even seeped into the automotive news, with Warner Bros. canceling licensing of models of the flag-adorned “General Lee” Dodge Charger and NASCAR issuing a statement about their non-use of a flag quite popular at stock car events across the American South. Continue reading

Motorcyclists Are A Menace?

Think Bike, motorcyclistAs someone who drives for work rest and play it would be easy for me to become one of those super-critical motorists to whom every other road user is a menace, lifelong cretin and a person of general moral turpitude. I of course am above such things, reserving my opprobrium and verbal wrath for people using devices at the wheel and other such dangerous and illegal behaviour. Continue reading

The New Alfa Romeo Giulia – Wow Is The Word

Alfa Romeo GuiliaFinally, here it is – the long awaited replacement for the gorgeous but flawed 159 (I know about these things, I used to own one). The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia has been unveiled to the world and the word that springs to mind is ‘Wow!’ It is, say Alfa, of distinctive Italian design with innovative powertrains, perfect weight distribution, unique technical solutions and the best weight-to-power ratio. Continue reading

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – Short Drive Review

Polls Royce GhostColin Hubbard encounters a Ghost: When you turn the key in a modern Rolls Royce the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ elegantly glides out of the top of the vertically staked highly polished grill. Spirit of Ecstasy is Rolls’ mascot dating back to 1911 and roughly translates to heart and soul with overpowering emotion – quite a bold claim for a motor car. Is this BMW owned Rolls Royce Ghost worthy of such a claim? I’m about to sample one to see if it has the power and drama to woo and to wow me. Continue reading

Bluesummer Fun Or Just A Load Of Bollores?

Bollore Bluesummer, EV, PSACar buyers continue to shun full-electric cars, Jaguar Land Rover Boss Ralf Speth has recently alleged. “Customers are not impressed with it currently,” he stated, but went on to say that that could change with the next generation of battery technology. As Tesla have shown though, car manufacturers are certainly not giving up. Continue reading

Audi Q3 – The Big Small SUV

Audi Q3, DriveWrite AutomotiveSometimes, checking out the Audi portfolio can be a bit bewildering. They offer a huge range of cars, and, it’s fair to say, all of them are good and fulfil almost any personal motoring requirements known to mankind. There is, for example, a choice of three ‘Q’ cars to choose from, each one bigger than the next. Continue reading

Swindon – Your Holiday Destination

It’s holiday time again and here’s DriveWrite’s suggestion for a different sort of vacation. The once great metropolis of Swindon, nestling like a latter day Kings Landing within the rural delights of darkest Wiltshire, has fallen upon hard times of late. Even mighty Honda has had to cut back. Let’s hope forthcoming models will revive their fortunes. Travellers moving west and heading for the far distant lands of Cornwall and Devon now pass by on the new-fangled M4 with scarcely a glance at the once mighty town. Continue reading

Suzuki Swift Dualjet – Neat And Nimble.

Suzuki SwiftYou may have noticed in the past that when I reviewed a Suzuki I usually sang its praises. Well, guess what? There’s no change today with the new Suzuki Swift. I’ve often made the point that when I review a car I feel it is important to take the price into account. I do not expect, by a long measure, that a car that costs £13,129 (including fitted options) like this one will, by some parameters, match up to a car that costs £10k more. Continue reading

If Your Name Is Jones You Can Feel Superior.

EV, hybrid, low-emissionYou know surveys? These are things whereby an organisation allegedly asks people around the country certain questions and then bends and manipulates the resulting statistics to suit their aims. We see it all the time and yet I have never, ever been asked to undertake a survey (except by telephone cold callers) about anything. Well, here’s the latest thing: Continue reading