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Volvo XC70 – A Deliberate Choice

Volvo XC70, DriveWrite AutomotiveToday’s car, as the title suggests, is the Volvo XC70 which is basically a jacked-up V70 Estate with skid-plates, some body cladding and all-wheel drive. Before it arrived I was looking forward to the car but as the week went by I became less enamoured. This model has been around variously for a few years now and, although one shouldn’t fix what’s not broken, it is starting to look its age. Continue reading

Take Me Home Country Roads

country roadsWhen you drive the main roads of our Nation there are all manner of perils awaiting you. Speed cameras, cash-hungry councils and over-zealous, target-driven officials haunt your every turn. Authorities love signs: from no parking to no ball games on the grass, your motoring life is blighted by more rules and regulations than you can shake your puny fist at. What’s the solution? Continue reading

Welcome To Earth v2.0

It has been reported that NASA scientists, using data from the Kepler telescope, have discovered another potentially habitable planet outside of our solar system. The new planet has been named Kepler 452b and is, they say, “the closest twin to Earth – or the Earth 2.0 – that we’ve found so far in the dataset”. Continue reading

The American Road #11: Why America Loves NASCAR

NASCARBill Crittenden writes about his motorsport passion: I’m not here to pick on anyone’s favorite sport. Everybody’s got different tastes and to each their own. Outside of the United States the number one motorsport is Formula 1, while America loves watching low tech cars drive in circles and occasionally the world asks, “why?”. So what I’m here to do is explain a little bit about why Americans love NASCAR and just aren’t really excited about Formula 1. Continue reading

As I Recall…

recall, drivewrite automotive…it didn’t used to be like this. Toyota have not long recovered from a massive vehicle recall because their cars would suddenly accelerate, much to the consternation of the driver; now they are recalling well over half a million cars because they suddenly stop for no reason. Throughout the world in this modern era of motoring there have so many recalls of faulty vehicles that you have to wonder if the olden days weren’t better in some ways. Continue reading

Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up: The Ideal Family Car?

Mitsubishi L200, driveWrite AutomotiveToday, I have to admit to bias in my review. I just love pick-up trucks. I can’t explain it. It may stem from childhood when I had not even considered being a writer or a photographer because I wanted to be – a lumberjack! Later I gleaned from a long gone television programme that part of being a lumberjack meant wearing ladies under-things. Now, endeavouring to get into ladies under-things has been part of my life’s work; just not in that way. Continue reading

The New & Improved Subaru XV

Subaru XVI have always been a great fan of Subaru vehicles. When I first tried the XV it was fine but I was a bit underwhelmed, sad to say, because I liked the look of it. Now fortunately Subaru UK has announced a raft of modifications and upgrades to the interior and chassis of the XV compact crossover. The changes will hopefully result in improvements to cabin refinement and ambience plus an improved drive. There’s a new infotainment system too, first seen on the new Outback earlier this year. Continue reading

Same S**t Different Shovel: The War On Motorists

The word has come down from beyond Hadrian’s Wall that the Scottish police are to abandon the idea of being slightly lenient on speeding and are abandoning the ‘10% + 2mph’ guideline. They say it’s a trial but, as we all know, that’s just a euphemism for ‘you’re nicked’. From now on one mile per hour over the limit will see Scotland’s motorists on the wrong end of a fine. Continue reading

Object Of Desire – The Maserati Ghibli.

MaseratiWho remembers that star of the silver screen, Gina Lollobrigida? In her heyday not only was she a fine actor but was also heart-stoppingly beautiful and very, very Italian. I’m delighted to say she is still with us today. This is the thing about Italy; the country staggers from one financial or corruption linked scandal to another yet consistently manages to turn out lasting things of beauty. It has always been so. Continue reading

Citroen C4 – The Sensible Sibling

Citroen C4Our featured car today is, to give it the full title, a Citroen C4 Flair BlueHDi hatchback and it is painted Bourrasque Blue. Bourrasque means, apparently, a gust or squall, and in this context I guess is meant to suggest a storm-laden sky. Whatever, it is a strong and effective colour not really done justice by my photographs. It is very reflective which is why I had to re-shoot the exterior snaps to exclude the ‘hall of mirrors’ type reflections of yours truly. Continue reading