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Dissecting F1. What Should We Do?

It’s my belief that the glory years of Formula One are long gone. The days of derring-do have faded under the weight of rules, regulations and financial chicanery. Once, drivers accepted death as a price that they may have to pay and, indeed, many have paid that price. Even today, as we’ve just seen with the sad IndyCar loss of Justin Wilson, there’s no such thing as total safety. Continue reading

A Guide To The Various Vehicle Finance Options

Volkswagen InchcapeSeptember 1st is set to be a busy day for car dealerships across the UK, as the 65-reg plate receives its nationwide release and drivers look to purchase a brand new vehicle. It is not just the many different types of cars that you will need to choose between if you’re one of those looking for a fresh set of wheels though; there are various vehicle finance options available too.  Continue reading

Top Gear vs Top Gear

Top Gear, DriveWrite AutomotiveYou are either a fan of Chris Evans or you are not. To some he is the cheeky chappie of TV and radio and to others he is, like an itch you can’t scratch, a total irritant. For the record I will state that DriveWrite is firmly in the camp of the latter. But, fair do’s, just because I don’t like his public persona doesn’t mean that I won’t give new Top Gear a chance. One chance. For me it stands or falls on the first episode. I don’t do things I don’t like more than once. Continue reading

A History Of BMW From Cargiant

Cargiant, BMWBMW, one of the world’s biggest multinational automotive manufacturing companies, has an illustrious history; of that there is no doubt. Did you know however that the German brand has been, and is, responsible for a lot more than just prestige motors? Now, thanks to our friends at Cargiant, there’s no need to trawl the internet for more factoids because it is all here in this handy infographic: Continue reading

Tesla S85 – Short Drive Review

Tesla, EVColin Hubbard continues his series of road tests. This time he turns a gimlet eye on the Tesla S85:
When the Toyota Prius was launched in the late 90’s I saw it as an ungainly looking car with a pointless hybrid power train that used more of the earth’s resources to manufacture then ship across the world than a sensible diesel saloon over its lifetime. It lacked sparkle, low down turbodiesel shove and more importantly, charisma. Continue reading

30 Years Of Peugeot GTi

Richard Hardie, PeugeotThe original Peugeot 205 GTi is still today considered the benchmark for the now ubiquitous hot hatch. Many have tried to replicate that recipe but when it comes to a yearning for hot hatchery buyers still turn first to the French company. Here’s a fascinating infographic about the history of these iconic Peugeot GTi cars, courtesy of Richard Hardie: Continue reading

Motoring: While I’ve Been Away…

Discovery Sport…things have happened and, as ever, blame can be laid squarely at the door of our political masters both local and national. For example; I went to Dorchester. This once historic town with its many fine old buildings is, like so many other towns, not looking its best these days with empty shops and unsympathetic development. Continue reading