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The American Road #12: 3-Door SUV – USA Shooting Brake.

Bill Crittenden continues his series: The term “shooting brake”, rarely heard in the American automobile market, in modern usage refers to a type of car that combines aspects of a coupé and station wagon. Essentially, it’s most often a 2-door or 3-door station wagon (pick your name…they both refer to two side doors and one rear door). Continue reading

Out And About With The Kia Sorento

Kia SorentoThe option-packed, range-topping Kia Sorento KX-4 featured today is very spacious. I have been in smaller apartments. In fact, I’ve lived in smaller apartments; but unlike those dives, here it’s space that is used well. Kia have delivered a very complete SUV indeed. I like it very much but the elephant in the room has a big price tag pinned to its ear. This car costs a whopping £41,000 OTR in tested form. That’s quite a lot. Continue reading

Shattered Dream Or No Surprise?

If you are British and have half a brain you will know full well that, one way or another, we are right royally ripped off from all sides all of the time. For example, some while ago the Utilities were ordered by toothless paper tigers (or ‘watchdogs’ as they are known) to simplify their power tariffs. What they actually did was change them. Make them different. Continue reading

Nissan GT-R Short Test: Godzilla’s A Pussycat

Nissan GT-R, West Way NissanWhen I learned that I was to drive the legendary Nissan GT-R my anticipation knew no bounds. I felt the same adolescent excitement I would have experienced had I been invited to a hot romantic tryst with one or more of the Pussycat Dolls. I knew it would probably be over quickly – but not too quickly, I hoped – and that it would be something I would want to do over and over again. Continue reading

Buying Your First Car – A Guide From Motorparks

MotorparksBuying your first car is an exciting milestone in your life. Your first taste of the open road in your own wheels. What could be better? Be warned though; there are complications and issues that have to be taken into account to get the right car and the best deal. Here’s a handy guide courtesy of national auto retailer Motorparks which will be of help: Continue reading

Short Drive Review – The Nissan Pulsar

West Way NissanFollowing up on the success of their Qashqai and Juke models, Nissan are now firmly back in conventional hatchback territory with the Pulsar. In terms of looks this latest offering springs no surprises and doesn’t bring anything dangerously different to a fiercely competitive sector of the automotive marketplace. As you can see from the images the Pulsar follows the accepted design thinking for the small family car and adds some discreet contours along the body line whilst retaining brand identity. Continue reading

Abarth 500 Custom: Riding The Ladybird

Abarth 500 CustomFIAT did a great job of resurrecting the iconic 500 – which has just undergone a rejuvenating facelift – and it gets even better once it has been through the dark arts practiced inside the Abarth shed behind the factory. The Abarth 500 Custom may be the same shape, albeit more aggressive in style and stance, but the regular strength motor has been ripped out and replaced by a 135hp 1.4L turbo with more steroids than a dodgy athlete; it makes all the difference. Continue reading

Sorry Lib Dems – You’ve Gone Too Far This Time

Monday sees the start of this year’s annual Liberal Democrat conference in glorious Bournemouth. Remember the Lib Dems? They are that collection of naïve middle-of-the-road twitterers who got soundly trounced at the last election for being far too nice. Yet do you know what’s on the agenda for a vote? The appalling migrant crisis? Trident? No, it’s worse than that; much worse. It’s Mr Whippy and his diesel-powered van. Continue reading

When Custom Was King

It is sometimes said that ‘where America leads, Britain follows’. This is not always a good idea. For example; after Burt Reynolds stormed across our screens with his hillbilly slang in 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit movie the popularity of Citizens Band radio rose exponentially across the USA, with every self-respecting truck driver becoming known by his or her road handle. Needless to say, this aural epidemic caught on, like swine flu, over here. When are Brits going to realise that trying to speak American is just plain wrong. Continue reading

American Road #11: Clowns To The Left, Jokers To The Right

roadBill Crittenden continues his American Road series with a look at lane discipline stateside: In the past few years, as the internet and Twitter have allowed me to connect to people from all over the world, I’ve discovered a thing many other countries have that Americans do not: “lane discipline”. I’ve noticed this especially recently as the UK has started ticketing drivers who cruise along in the middle lane without anyone to the left of them. Continue reading