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Volkswagen Golf GTi – Not The Fastest, Still The Best

Golf GTI, DriveWrite AutomotiveIncredibly, 2016 will usher in the fortieth birthday of this iconic fast German motor. Now in its seventh iteration it has matured like a fine wine to the extent that it now transcends the ubiquitous term ‘hot hatch’, demonstrating that a car can evolve into a vehicle suitable for grown-ups without losing the fun factor that made it so popular all those decades ago. Continue reading

The Secretary of Transportation

Crittenden Automotive LibraryWith Tony Bennett crooning ‘If I Ruled The World’ in the background Bill Crittenden wishes he was Secretary of Transportation in the USA: Weird title, I know. It was inspired by a discussion of CVT gearboxes with DriveWrite’s Geoff Maxted where he said he’d ban them as king and I suggested writing about how he’d rule the roads as king. So while we may assume that CVTs will soon be banned under the forthcoming hypothetical rule of King Geoff I (Hey, less of the hypothetical – It’s only a matter of time. Ed.), he also suggested I come up with the same for the United States. Continue reading

Little Boxes – Are Cars becoming Boring?

DriveWrite AutomotiveIt is wrong to generalise, so they say. In the global scheme of things though sometimes it is necessary to get a point across and the point is the state of the car industry. On the face of it, the motor car business is in rude health and car makers boast on a monthly basis about the latest, greatest sales results ever. That’s great, but at what price for real car enthusiasts? Continue reading

Hell’s Grandparents – Age With Attitude

Vauxhall VivaIn an effort to promote their new Viva, Vauxhall have revealed new research that show older British folk are experiencing a ‘second wind’ (not curry related) in their fifties, rediscovering the feeling they had from their early twenties. Wahey!! That Helen Mirren eh? What a doll etc. Continue reading

Refinement, Efficiency and Technology – The New Audi A4

Stable Vehicle ContractsAudi have pulled back the curtain on the new A4, looking to shake up the compact-exec class with fierce competition like the BMW 3 Series. It may look like a mid-cycle facelift but the new A4 is actually a completely new car; with Audi focusing on refinement, efficiency gains and new technology resulting in improved fuel economy by 21 percent while upping power by 25 percent. Continue reading

Volvo V60 Polestar – Heavens Above

Polestar, DriveWrite Automotive blogOver time I have had the pleasure of driving several of the current range of Volvo cars. They have all been uniformly excellent for most needs, as you would expect from this company, but if you really like to drive – if you really, really like to drive – then the driving dynamics might come as a slight disappointment. These cars are built for comfort and safety, not performance; until now that is. Continue reading

Pray the Potholes Away?

Bill Crittenden of the The Crittenden Automotive Library reports on an American pothole issue:  The mayor of the largest city in the State of Mississippi, the state that you might remember being in the news for still including the Confederate battle flag in the upper corner of its state flag, has an interesting new way to keep up with road repairs without incurring additional costs. Continue reading

Land Rover Discovery Sport – The Benchmark SUV?

Discovery Sport, DriveWrite AutomotiveThe Land Rover Freelander, bless, is no more. The country cousin beloved of retired folk in their rural idyll has been replaced by an altogether different prospect that’s like replacing an ageing Spartacus with his smarter younger brother. The Freelander in second hand guise (or even the last of the new ones out there) remains a great used car buy as it can still give the trendy SUV usurpers a run for their money. Continue reading