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Favourite James Bond Cars Of All Time

Last month saw the eagerly-anticipated release of ‘Spectre’ – the 24th James Bond film – with Daniel Craig once again playing the role of secret agent 007. The movies is said to be one of the most expensive films produced of all time and it also featured some of the most iconic cars. Continue reading

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Diesel Bad, Diesel Good

Unless you have been orbiting Pluto with a broken smartphone you will have heard of the Volkswagen diesel ‘furore’ and the ripple effect it is having throughout the European car industry. Enough said about that; but how much do you care one way or the other? Continue reading

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Subaru Outback – The Outsider Impresses

At the risk of repeating myself, I like a Subaru. With the possible exception of the XV, there isn’t a car in the range I wouldn’t be pleased to own. It’s not easy to pinpoint why. They are not noted for their cutting edge design and the like, it’s just that they feel solid and dependable, as if they could motor on forever. Continue reading

Diesel, emissions, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring, car, blog

EU Stays Cool Over HF

The eco-experts at that Tower of Babel we call the European Union head office have done it again. In their quest to save the planet – or at least the Euro bit – those swivel-eyed suits have ruled that as of 1st January 2017 all cars built for use in Europe must have eco-friendly coolant in their air-con systems. Continue reading

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The DriveWrite Epiphany

My city car has just had its annual service. While it was in the garage the dealer gave me a ‘courtesy’ car. For this pleasantry, later, they charged me fifteen of my British Pounds. I succinctly pointed out that by making a charge the vehicle ceased to be a ‘courtesy’ and became, in effect, a ‘hire’ car. Continue reading

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The Disgrace That Is Police Funding

It has recently been reported that many cowering residents of Frinton-on-Sea, a quiet and genteel seaside retirement town in Essex, have clubbed together to hire burly private security guards to patrol the streets. This is because, apparently, Essex police have had to drastically cut services because of ever present ‘funding cuts’ and can no longer afford the visible deterrent of bobbies on the beat. Continue reading

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Your Czech Mate: Skoda Yeti Remains A Firm Family Friend

The Skoda Yeti has been around for a few years now without changing that much and that’s no bad thing. There’s a new and larger one on the way in the next year or so but that doesn’t mean the current car is getting stale. It still has plenty to offer, especially when you can get this stylish feature packed Monte Carlo edition for less than £28k. Continue reading