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5 Reasons To Love The New & Improved Volkswagen Amarok

Very few sequels are ever as good as the original. Films, music, novels, very rarely is the appeal of the first instalment captured to any great extent by those that follow. Where the rule differs however is with cars – or at least it does now. The VW Amarok has long been a staple of the fleet from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Tough, sturdy and able to tackle a wide range of terrains without so much as a whimper, it’s a pick-up truck for those who really love pick-up trucks.

Volkswagen, Amarok, VW, pickup, new cars, off road, driveWrite AutomotiveMore recently however, the Amarok has been redesigned and re-released for 2017. The classic pick-up now boasts a range of new features that make it as much of a force to be reckoned with out on the open road than on unpredictable off-road courses. Here are just five of the reasons why this may well be the sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

  1. A fresh new look
    The Amarok’s exteriors has been revived and updated for 2017, with 19” alloys, trendy chrome trim and optional rear styling bars, giving the vehicle a cooler, much sportier vibe overall.
  2. Even more power
    Boasting a 3.0-litre V6 engine and top speeds of 119mph, the new Amarok is a true powerhouse both on and off road. Check out the #VWTrailblazers challenge video below to see the vehicle put through its paces in the ultimate off-road pursuit.

  1. Space for everyone
    Whether it’s heading to the countryside for the weekend with a group of friends or dropping the kids off at school the following morning, increased space in the interior makes it a comfortable ride for everyone.
  2. A little bit of luxury
    Off-road vehicles aren’t commonly associated with a luxurious drive, which is where the redesigned Amarok really comes into its own. Optional ergoComfort seats allow both the driver and passenger to adjust them in 14 different ways, proving that style and substance need not be exclusive.
  3. An even bigger payload
    The Amarok has long been renowned for having an impressive payload, while the newest version offers a load surface of over 2.5m2 and can comfortably carry a Euro palette between its wheel arches.

Whether for work or play, there’s really nothing that the new Amarok can’t handle. Book a test drive to discover the thrill for yourself.