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Add A Dashcam For Safety & Security

Cars today come with all manner of lifestyle and safety technology designed to make our journeys less boring and more secure but we still do not have any control over what happens outside the vehicle. There are plenty of careless or couldn’t care less drivers on our highways and, although we hear less about it these days, that nasty ‘cash for crash’ scam has not gone away. Criminals are being ever more inventive as to how they think they can con us out of insurance money. That’s why dashboard or windscreen mounted cameras are a great idea. The dashcam has come of age.

The Latest Addition To The Dashcam Ranks

Ever since they were introduced dashcams have come along with all the regularity of Japanese bullet trains. There’ll be another one along in a minute. Over the last couple of years DriveWrite has had the opportunity to test these products and have generally found them to work well. I use them in press cars and one is a permanent fixture in my own vehicle.

I have now been asked by the leading provider of these cameras, Proofcam, to test the very latest addition to their range. It is pictured on this page and is called the RAC107. There’s nothing radically new going on here but the unit does show improvements all round.

Importantly, it has very good build quality and seems robust. Compact in size it installs easily. Set the date and time and, once installed to suit, it can stay in place permanently and get on with the job. Simple to operate, it just works. No need to do anything at all except plug it in to the accessory socket.

Proofcam, RAC107, dashcam, dashboard camera, road safety, car insurance, camera, DriveWrite Automotive, lifestyle auto, autos, motoring blog, car blogThere’s a screen to show what the 120° wide-angle camera is recording in HD vision and sound but of course it’s main purpose is show the unit is functioning and recording. Our job is to watch the road, not TV. Once satisfied that the unit is working you’ll notice that the screen shuts down with just a small light to show recording. You can leave it on if preferred.

About The Dashcam

Recording begins when the car starts. When the supplied 8gb SD card is full, it wipes and starts all over again. The unit will retain the recording as evidence in the case of a shunt, which of course is the whole point. From a photography point of view the unit can also be used as a stills camera for the gathering of evidence after the event.

It is possible to remove the card to view the contents but, unless the user wanted to download a particularly cretinous piece of driving to upload to the internet for online shaming, it doesn’t really serve any purpose at least until the worst happens. Then the RAC107 comes into its own. It would be nice to think that car insurance companies would look kindly upon careful drivers who fit a dashcam and maybe offer a tempting discount on premiums, but that doesn’t seem to be much in evidence to be frank. Perhaps it is something they should consider.

It’s large enough to be visible to those with evil intentions and, it is working very well for me, doing the job for which it is intended and is very reasonably priced. Recommended and available to order now. Geoff Maxted

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