Audi Driver International Track Day 2015

Audi RS3, Audi driver MagazineLast week I had the pleasure of the company of the astonishing 362bhp Audi RS3 Sportback for one whole week; a week that seemed to rush by in more ways than one. Although it doesn’t seem appropriate to use the term ‘hot hatch’ for a car that costs the thick end of fifty grand it is in fact so, given that it is one of the fastest and most dynamic of its type on our roads today.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to drive such a car but for we ordinary mortals the best chance of seeing this car – and plenty of other Audi’s up close – is at this year’s Audi Driver International day at the brilliant Castle Combe racetrack in Wiltshire this coming Saturday, the 17th October.

It is yet another great event organised by Audi Driver magazine that provides a grand day out for all Audi owners and enthusiasts, although you don’t have to drive an Audi or arrive in one as visitors are welcome. Entry on the day costs a modest £10 per person and children under 17 get in free. That’s an inexpensive day out these days.

As well as fast-lapping sessions on the circuit throughout the day, there are demo drives and parade laps, and the paddock area provides many additional attractions including trade stands and exhibits, a Show ’n’ Shine and Concours, club line-ups and displays, a technical forum with a Q&A session, car sales and auto jumble area. Something for everyone.Audi RS3, Audi Driver Magazine

Audi UK will also be in attendance with a major display of the latest models, as well as examples from its historic collection. Although primarily for Audi owners and enthusiasts, separate track sessions are also available for owners of other Volkswagen Group cars (VW, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche etc).

Drive your own road car in fast lapping sessions on the race circuit, plus demo drives and passenger rides from the UK’s top tuning companies and driver coaching by an expert instructor. Dedicated club / forum group track sessions are available at a discount rate, by prior arrangement. Lunchtime also sees a low-speed parade lap session for families with children.

If you can’t make it I will let you know how it went when I review the Audi RS3 next week.
Geoff Maxted