Audi – Fifty Years In The UK

Those of you who are of a venerable age and have a memory like an elephant may well remember when the first Audi – not unlike the one on the left – arrived on our shores. From selling just 32 cars bearing the four rings in the UK in 1965, the German brand has gone on to sell two million cars here in Britain.

It took Audi forty years to sell the first million motors but just ten years to sell the next million. The magic number was reached with the sale of an A3 Sportback e-tron, the brand’s first ever plug-in hybrid. To celebrate this historical 50 year landmark for Audi then what better way to do it than to invite DriveWrite for a grand day out at Althorp House. And so it was that after an horrendous drive I arrived mid-morning in stately fashion for some fine Audi hospitality.With all the variants now available buyers can basically select from a choice of around fifty models. Audi say that by 2020 this will rise to sixty, so don’t say you don’t have options. I had the opportunity to drive several cars within the range that have been updated for 2015 plus the special edition R8 LMX V10 supercar. Advances include cylinder-on-demand engines, plastic springs (although it’s not that simple), double glazing and a new coasting mode utilising the stop/start function.There will be reviews on all of these vehicles over the coming days but for now here’s a visual taster to whet your appetite:8The man who was overlooked for the R8 LMX drive.

The man who was overlooked for the R8 LMX drive.

Geoff Maxted