An Automotive Smokescreen To Cheat The Public

Audi, VW, DriveWrite AutomotiveThere is a large, stormy cloud with an officially thunderous face hanging over Audi, just as there is with Volkswagen and for the same reason. The Americans have accused the company of ‘engine faults’ (that’s ‘fiddling with the bits’ to you and me). This is seen as A Bad Thing, especially by the swivel-eyed monomaniacs to whom the car is the devil in a tin dress; but can we please put this ‘storm’ into perspective?

Most drivers of Audi/VW/Skoda cars have been perfectly happy until the bomb dropped, but think about this: When you were told that Santa Claus didn’t really exist, the world didn’t end did it? You just lost a bit more of that naïve innocence. Sorry, I seem to have shattered the illusion too.

The pressure on these automotive companies to deliver an eco-miracle in short order has been intense and, yes, they bent the rules over backwards like a randy gymnast, but in what way are they any different from banks or indeed any large national or international organisation?

Inevitably, it is the buying and paying public that suffers in the end but that’s hardly news is it? The fact is, everybody is at it; that’s the truth and I doubt they care very much if we know it. Obviously, the legal jackals will soon be out in force and whipping up a ‘furore’ as the compensation culture starts rolling off the production line but for most car owners, how much difference has it really made?

The car that you were entirely happy with is still the same car. Nothing has changed. When you purchased the car were emissions really at the forefront of your thinking? Perhaps to a certain extent, or was it the power, or the options or the space or a combination of all these things that informed your decision? When you buy a car you buy a package that suits your needs and I don’t believe you would buy a motor that looked like it had been designed by Picasso’s cat just because it emitted less of the nasty stuff. I dunno, maybe you would, but you’re one of a tiny minority.

Think about all the hassle we have had and still have from rip-off Utilities, banks, car insurance, any insurance, phone companies, supermarkets, broadband and TV suppliers – at one time or another they have all cheated and mislead the public. Plus, it’s not just business and industry that are on the fiddle either; oh no, there’s another offender too and this is the one that actually makes me feel physically sick (in fact I’ve just called for a bucket now).

Every year this government or that government raises the bar on your personal tax allowance and tells us we have never had it so good. Then they go and take it away from you by some devious, underhand means or other; ask any struggling ‘hard working family’ (an official term) on tax credits right now, for example.

You get far less for the same amount of council tax. Help for those in need, this way or that, is being cut back but don’t worry because they will increase the ‘minimum wage’ to compensate. Except it won’t. So if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a nice car then count yourself lucky. Emissions are bad but the extra from your tailpipe barely makes a wisp of difference to global outpourings. Don’t be bemused by this all this emissions business because it’s just another smokescreen that obscures the real cheating.
Geoff Maxted