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Back Seat Drivers & Other Road Menaces

Okay: You’re driving along a pleasing road in lovely weather with two or maybe three passengers on board and you feel that, in general, life is good. Everything is hunky-dory; until that is one person offers some advice and all of a sudden the sound that you hear is your own teeth grinding against each other.

For any driver worth their salt, the words, “It might have been better if you had turned left back there…” will make the hackles rise.

No question about it because:

1.You have already realised that and 2. It’s a bit bloody late to mention it now.

In a recent survey of aggrieved motorists an overwhelming proportion voted passengers giving out unsolicited unwelcome driving advice as something that really gets the blood boiling. It doesn’t matter if you and your sainted, beloved partner have been together in harmonious bliss for years; this is the deal breaker.

Depending upon the individual there are many things that passengers do that get on even the most patient of drivers’ wick. Back seat drivers are the worst. It is probably a good job that broadswords are no longer readily available otherwise there would be a lot of people crawling home like Monty Python’s Black Knight.

More than three quarters of UK drivers say they do not like it when passengers eat in their car because 1. crumbs and 2. stale kebab wrappers and 3. there might not be any left by the time the drive is over.

In any DriveWrite vehicle for example the climate control is set for MY preference. If passengers are too hot or cold then they should have dressed more appropriately. Any music playing is MY selection. It is forbidden to criticise my musical preferences (Mrs DriveWrite please note for the umpteenth time) and if you don’t like Slayer or Tiny Tim then you shouldn’t have asked for a lift. In short, leave the controls alone.

To ensure a pleasant passenger experience….

Do not give motoring advice of any kind, suck sweets loudly, offer to map-read when you don’t have a clue how to do it, ask to put on your relaxing Richard Clayderman piano CD, point out landmarks at critical traffic moments and there is only one circumstance when it is permissible to put feet up on the dashboard.

Knowing these things, I make a very good passenger and engender a calming influence in any car I ride in. Ask my wife. Actually, don’t. You can trust me.

The thing is…

DriveWrite is very hot on road safety. If when out motoring and your ears start burning it is because I have just seen you commit a monstrous motoring faux pas. There’s too much bad driving these days. The use of devices when driving is illegal (and stupid) yet I see it EVERY day. Also, tailgating, lane-hogging, topping up the lippy, driving way too fast for the conditions and believing in your own immortality and that of others.

Back Seat Drivers Are Banned

Thanks to the usual government apathy and inaction we pretty much have to police ourselves as there are very few traffic cops around and some of them spend too much time posting silly tweets about their successes. It isn’t an achievement officers, it’s your job.

This is why we need to take extra care out there and having annoying and distracting passengers and back seat drivers on board doesn’t help. Get in. Sit down. Shut up. Stay safe. Geoff Maxted