The Car Of Your Dreams

I had a dream the other night but the less said about that the better. It’s a fact though that not only do we all have dreams when asleep, we also have them when fully awake. Often, these daydreams are about cars.

As children we put pictures of supercars on the walls and dream of the day when we can own one, not thinking that by the time we could remotely afford it the car will be either obsolete or worth millions and hopelessly out of our price range. Later, as you are aware, life has a way of bringing these childhood dreams down to earth with a bump in much the same way as an aged Austin Allegro deals with potholes. Yet we dream on.

I mention this because of an adult daydream that once actually came true for me. When recently searching archives for some unrelated images I came across by accident a photo of a Porsche Cayman I used to own (shown) and foolishly sold, thinking the grass was greener on the other side of the forecourt. Until I rediscovered the snap, this memory of past folly and loss had faded to the back of my fragile mind, just like those childhood dreams of yesteryear. Now of course I am back to metaphorically kicking myself for selling it. When Mrs DriveWrite saw the photo she kicked me too and there was nothing metaphoric about it. To us, automobiles are desirable yet frustrating and our car dreams are often just out of reach like those that fade as we wake.So what’s your dream car? Are you of the green persuasion, dreaming of the day when Elon Musk comes to take you to that Elysian place of pure renewable energy or is the impracticality of the current crop of eco-cars making you leaf feverishly through brochures for hybrids?

Or do you hanker after the olden days? The fact is that despite all the hype we are going to have to continue to rely on fossil fuels for many years to come. (Note: not my words but rather expert testimony). There remains an abundance of oil as the recent dip in prices has suggested thanks to new methods – rightly or wrongly, I’m not going there – of exploration. Those that suggest otherwise have perhaps forgotten the 1922 statement of a US Presidential Commission that said, “production of oil cannot long maintain its present rate”; and this was in the early days of motoring.

So it is okay to continue to want to drive a petrol-powered motor despite all the howls of politically correct protest. Call me paranoid, but I reckon the BBC is behind it all. The normally aspirated V8 of legend is still the most special means of propulsion (superchargers are also permitted in the netherworld of the car-dreamer), if you can afford it and if you are prepared to have opprobrium heaped upon you for being a poisonous polluter. Or you can get with the modern vibe and go for a turbocharged model. The turbo is appearing on ever smaller engines, generating that combination of power and economy that seems to be the current way forward despite lacking that glorious V8 soundtrack.

The point is, you should not feel guilty about your auto-dreams. The child within still hankers after those poster cars although these days they may be more in keeping with the car shown below. In our world of dreams anything is possible – as I proved the other night – and you should not let the current (and flawed) argument sway you from it. After all, remember the immortal words William Shakespeare once penned, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”. There’s a lot of truth in that and the thing is, the bloke didn’t even drive.
Geoff Maxted