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Car Services: Necessary Or Not?

It’s never a happy time when it comes to servicing your car. A lot of people avoid them altogether, preferring to spend their money on something that they deem to be more important. Others have payment plans put in specifically for the services so they know that they’re covered at the end of the year, whilst a small majority choose to pay it all upfront. It depends on the person and the dealership in question. But the main question is this: are they really necessary?

Shopping Around

It’s best that you to a reputable dealer. The average service should cost around £125, but it depends where in the country you are. This doesn’t include the extra parts or repairs that you may need should they be flagged up. A few things may come as advisories, in which case you are within your rights to shop around for a better deal to get the work done.

Adding Value

Generally speaking, garage services will help to add/retain value on your car if and when you come to selling it. Having a full service history shows that you have maintained your car well over the period that you have owned it. With the average car costing £7,706, a vehicle without a service history is apparently worth 23% less than the price – so you could be losing over £1,000. If you are claiming under warranty, most manufacturers also ask for proof that you have had your car serviced. If you have the logbook to prove it, then all should be good – if not, you may have voided it.

Saving Money

If you can get the heads up on things that are going wrong with your car before they stop working, you’ll be able to save yourself money. It’s a domino effect with cars; one thing going wrong leads to another and so on. A burst water pipe can lead to a head gasket blowing, which can lead on, affecting your engine. Getting ahead with knowing what’s wrong with your car won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it will save you money in the long run. Something going disastrously wrong with your car can cost thousands, rather than the tens or in rare cases hundreds spent in preventing it.

Car Fault Checker

While it may seem like a lot of problems occur at once when receiving your servicing highlights, this isn’t the case. Parts do wear down over time and need repairing or replacing; it’s part and parcel of owning a car. There is a lifespan attributed to every single part within you car, and none of them last forever. Some go quicker than others depending on type and usage; budget tyres will last 8,000 miles on average, while their premium counterparts could last up to 20,000, and you may have to change your brake pads once every couple of services.

If you learn to expect this, then it won’t seem like so much of a surprise when it gets suggested – and you can usually look out for the warning sign yourself if you ask the technician how.