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Cars & Motoring: Help Not Hinder

Whatever the result of June’s exciting general election, the UK’s next government must, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA), support logistics businesses to enable them to reduce vehicle emissions and cope with the transition to Clean Air Zone regulations.

It’s good that institutions from whichever walk of life should stand up to the vagaries and sometimes crackpot thinking of government. Who knows better? Certainly not some fresh-faced, straight-off-a-politics-degree ‘advisor’. If you want to know how an industry works then you need to ask the people who work in it.

Cars & The Government

Obviously it goes without saying that vested interest will always try to put a clammy hand into the mix so there is a fine line to be drawn and government has to be wary of not giving too much away through overt pressure and sneaky lobbying. Conversely, in the interest of sound economics, government needs to avoid being sucked into a maelstrom of wild-eyed thinking from fringe and ‘anti’ groups who don’t share a balanced view.

Generally though, the motor and transport industry as a whole has its finger firmly on the pulse and is alert to any treachery from ministers. Good; but what about ordinary motorists? Who looks after their interests?

Drivers are and always (so it seems) have been a target of rabid chancellors who know a sitting duck when they see one. The motoring organisations stand up for their members but it is not enough and hard-pressed motorists need to find the time to stop moaning about their lot and do something. Everyone has an member of parliament. MP’s work for us (No, seriously. Stop laughing cynically at the back there). If you don’t like what is happening then write, email or phone them and demand your say. Pester the blighters. That’s what they are there for.

Cars & Speed Cameras Etc

There is certainly a case for speed cameras at some dangerous locations. The sight of these ugly creations slows us down and helps prevent accidents at black spots.

Sadly, no matter how much the authorities might try to spin it, most drivers know that the motive behind the spread of static, mobile and average cameras is usually money, sometimes in an underhand way that catches drivers out.

Car owners might just as well paint a bullseye target on their motors. We understand the need for car insurance but deeply suspect that premiums are artificially high. We know that petrol prices fluctuate according to the global price of oil but how is that prices at the pump go up much more quickly than they come down?

Cars, Freight & The New Boss

In June we elect a new government or rather the same government. Or maybe not. Whatever. Whoever is in the chair must understand how much the country depends upon our freight carriers, the state of our roads, business in general and the leisure economy.

They must also help develop the market in alternatively fuelled vehicles, rather than simply imposing heavy taxes on diesel owners, which will crush economic growth and drive up prices throughout the economy. The government’s job is to help not hinder. Put your MP straight on the matter. Geoff Maxted