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How To Choose The Perfect Van For Your Business Needs

Big or small, buy or lease? Navigate your way to success, with our van-tastic guide of things to consider when choosing your next business workhorse.


Your business success depends upon maximizing the time that your van stays on the road, so choosing the appropriate size of the vehicle is crucial to your bottom line.

A light commercial van is an economical option for smaller firms. Striking a balance between utility and working capacity, it offers the flexibility of nippy handling, easy parking and car-like handling. Although great for urban businesses, remember to think ahead before committing your hard-earned cash. If your enterprise hits top gear, you may need to upgrade to a larger carrier, with potential extra cost.

The style and versatility of medium panel vans such as the VW Transporter make them an ideal choice. Whether their ability to carry two fully-loaded pallets on board, to store tools and equipment with comfort or the flexible seating configuration of up to eight passengers and luggage, such vans are an attractive alternative for builders, couriers, and private hire companies.

Heavy-duty haulage requires a robust van, with strong performance, a towing load of around 2,000 kg and good fuel economy. However, choosing a van that is too large will see your fuel bill rocket and profits plummet.

There are many types of van to choose in each size; examine your options, drive them and decide for yourself. van, van leasing, commercial vehicles, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring blog, car blog,


Once decided, you need to crunch some serious numbers to find the perfect van to move your business into the fast lane. For a new van, you’ll need a lot of cash, but van leasing can be a smarter way of keeping you moving. Offering the security of scheduled maintenance coverage, removing the worry of depreciation along with providing a regular update to a newer vehicle, leasing offers a convenient and competitive method of financing your business transport. All for one fixed monthly payment.


With so many van models, it would be tempting to think that one is much like another but put the brakes on that thought! Getting the most from your investment is vital to your business, so it pays to consider leading manufacturers, even if their upfront cost is a little higher. Making your decision on cost alone is a false economy, as you need to drive to survive; therefore, be realistic regarding your budget. Look at vans on the road while on business, as particular models are popular for a reason. If at all unsure, walk away!


With your head full of numbers and technical specification, it can be easy to forget the small details. Ply lining, bulkheads, tail lifts, side doors, and signwriting; interior functionality and exterior presentation are integral to achieving commercial success. You will spend a lot of time in your new van, so make sure that the interior is comfortable before signing on the dotted line. Take it for a test drive and only commit to a purchase/lease if 100% happy with every aspect of the arrangement. Choose wisely!