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Company Cars – Mixing Business With Pleasure

We’ve all been there. Monday morning as you pull into the car park of a thriving company. The prospect of a new and exciting business venture awaits. The meeting is successful; why, the chairman even puts his hand on your shoulder. Lunch beckons.

Although you are not the subservient type you hold open the door of your gleaming company car as the chairman heaves his considerable corporate butt into the back seat. Suddenly(!), he shrieks in pain and anguish as he crushes down on the upraised arm of a previously unnoticed Barbie doll.

Leaping up, he hits his head hard on the roof and collapses cursing in a heap – which you had also failed to notice. He needs two weeks in traction. The deal’s off and you have to explain to the family that the fortnight in the Maldives is cancelled. All because you had the kids in the car for a Sunday family day out. Business, you ruefully recall, is all about the detail.

Just because you’ve washed and waxed the car doesn’t mean that the job is done. Children have no interest in your work but they do have a taste for surreptitiously dismantling rear compartment trim and hiding Lego and other dangerous toy parts where they can do the most damage. It’s in their nature.

Mostly, food wrappers, crumbs and mud are the most commonly-found remnants of weekend family motoring as you know full well but a recent survey revealed other weird and wonderful things that turn up unbidden. These, so respondents have said, include: cheese graters, bird skulls, Daleks, dead mice and frogs, live goldfish, jellyfish, a pair of pants, pet hamsters, pieces of coal, teeth, caterpillars, horse poo in a bag, TV remotes, worms, a week-old beef burger and a wet sponge.

Such discoveries leave a majority of parents embarrassed at the state of their car and that’s even before they turn up for work. While twenty percent admit to cleaning out their back seats every Monday morning, the majority don’t. The well-being of important passengers is left at hazard.

The duality of cars being used for both personal and professional reasons means that vigilance is called for. Weekend motoring with the kids can be great fun but also presents challenges on a Monday morning. Be prepared. Geoff Maxted

One manufacturer at least is there to help. ŠKODA offers a range of Simply Clever accessories that keep kids occupied, parents happy, mess at bay and cars – like the brilliant Superb we tested HERE – looking sharp, stylish and clean.