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I’m indebted to these good chaps for their contributions. Without their efforts I would be working all hours. If you want to get in touch let me know. Geoff

Stan Potter

Stan’s an Essex boy through and through and has forgotten more about cars and engineering than most of us will ever know. Got a problem with your Ferrari 458 Italia? Stan can probably fix it using just some gaffer tape, WD40 and a lump hammer. Stan reports on his mechanical adventures and his travels in France. In his own words:

“I have had a lifelong interest in anything with an engine. I have never worked professionally in the motor trade, but I have spent most of my life in various engineering capacities. I can operate most workshop machines and am conversant with the principles involved. I acquired my first motorcycle (a James Auto cycle – ask your granddad) when I was 11 years old, my first car (a 1952 Ford Anglia) when I was 16 and I have been playing with anything With an engine (cars ,bikes, lawn mowers ,outboard motors rotovators) ever since . I have always been on a tight budget so I have always done my own repairs and for mates in a similar situation. A workshop manual or hand book has rarely been available so that is how I acquired the nickname of “Artfullbodger” because my methods do not necessarily follow the usual methods. The lack of special tools has made it vital to adopt unusual methods that I have found over the years work for me. Some of my French adventures I have committed to print under the name “Blue & White Van Man”. I have been doing it too long to give up yet. It is only recently I have started writing about what I have done and what I am doing now. I will continue doing so until people stop showing interest. Thanks For Looking”.

Bill Crittenden

Bill lives with his family in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and is an authority on the USA motor scene, past and present. He graduated from the Universal Technical Institute in 1999 and since then has built, owns and runs the Crittenden Automotive Library, an outstanding resource of automotive America. In his own words he says that maybe his OCD prevented him from working as a mechanic but it serves him well in building the library. The place to go to for American cars and racing stuff.

Colin Hubbard

Colin is the newest contributor to DriveWrite. He was formerly a contributor to his brother’s  late, lamented Speedmonkey motoring site. He lives in Cheshire with his family. Three years ago when his brother Matt set up the successful Speedmonkey he was asked to try his hand at writing. With an invitation from Mercedes to attend one of their Media days, he  turned up not knowing what to expect and had a wonderful day driving some amazing cars. He hasn’t looked back. In Colin’s own words:

“Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by motorcars and motorbikes and my obsession has grown into one of a total petrolhead and home mechanic. I can recall reading the sales brochure for my Dad’s Mercedes 190 at the age of 10 and dreaming of ticking every option from a sump guard to a rear spoiler but sadly Dad just ticked the box for radio cassette and 4 speakers.
Since getting my first car at 18 years old (a Mk4 Escort 1.3L) I have owned over 25 cars and 7 motorcycles and thoroughly enjoyed maintained them all with only really complicated work such as clutch replacement going to a garage.
There is no money in writing blogs so the day job pays the bills but I am paid in kind by the experience and the thrill of driving such cars from an Audi R8 down to a Peugeot 108. As a additional benefit I get to share my experiences with a wide audience and it’s a big boost when someone makes an appreciative comment.
In between my day job and reviewing cars I also like to keep myself busy with little projects, last year I bought a Audi TT V6 with a gearbox fault and stripped the entire car on my drive to sell for bits. It was a nice little earner and an eye opener as to how the car functioned. My latest projects are buying more mechanical challenged cars and putting them back on the road, a kind of Wheeler Dealers but with less iconic cars!
When Matt turned off the lights to Speedmonkey I was gutted as I thought my days of riding around in amazing cars was over but then Geoff kindly got in touch and asked if I would like to contribute to DriveWrite. Obviously I bit Geoff’s hand off and so you can expect to read about my car reviews and experiences right here at DriveWrite.”


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