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Dashcam: Striking The Right Balance

The use of dashcams, while prevalent, hasn’t quite snowballed as much as I thought. It’s a great idea, especially for drivers of older cars who don’t have all the latest whizz-bang technology. We are not hearing so much about ‘cash for crash’ scams as we used to and, I would suggest, using a dashcam in a car might have contributed to that.

Established Dashcam Technology

We’re well past the stage now when the dashcam can be introduced as startling new technology. Most motorists will know of them even if they choose not to use them so it serves no further purpose to describe them in detail.

They record a journey, looping over the uneventful and only saving a recording in the event of a shunt. That’s what they do.dashcam, RAC, Proofcam, road safety, car insurance, DriveWrite, Automotive, motoring, cars, blog

Over time I have tested several and one of the earliest versions is permanently in my own car. It is simple and works a treat. Others have come and gone with varying degrees of success.

One arrived that was enormous and heavy. It was packed with features that included navigation, lane departure, collision warning and the like. A subsequent model from a different brand had the same tech, but in a smaller lighter package. Both were quite pricey too. With many of the latest cars beginning to feature these safety features as standard, the device becomes superfluous.dashcam, RAC, Proofcam, road safety, car insurance, DriveWrite, Automotive, motoring, cars, blog

Enter The RAC 205 Dashcam

The latest example to turn up for review is possibly the best so far, in my view. It does all you need from a dashcam and no more. No bells and whistles, instead the makers have concentrated on quality.

The compact and neat RAC 205 Dashcam records full HD 1080p straight out of the box and works very well day and night. The lens is a 140º wide-angle which means the incoming circumstances get captured as well as the event itself. That’s a plus.

It comes complete with a carry case, a memory card, full instructions, and an amply long power lead that connects to the 12v socket. The only real downside of any device like this is the trailing lead which can look untidy but, with a bit of thought, the unwanted cable can usually be tucked away. The small carry case makes a good cable tidy. Test recordings were easy to download and were of excellent quality. dashcam, RAC, Proofcam, road safety, car insurance, DriveWrite, Automotive, motoring, cars, blog

That’s about all that can be said. I think we’ve reached the limit of what is required from a dashcam. In the not too distant future new models will no doubt start recording their own journeys. They will probably also be recording what you are doing too – and reporting back. So probably best to stop doing that.

Anything that makes the roads safer is okay by me. The RAC 205 Dashcam does the job well and at around £100 depending upon where you buy it, is good value. Simple and effective. Recommended. Geoff Maxted