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Drive Your Own Set Of Wheels Around Next Vacation

Now is around the time people start thinking about planning their summer vacations for either this year or perhaps the next. One of the key parts of planning the vacation is arranging the transport when you get there. You need to decide whether you’re going to hire a car or use public transport all the way. However, there might be a better option, and that’s to drive your own car. There are many advantages to driving your own set of wheels on your next vacation.

More Freedom

If you hire a car, you’ll typically sign a contract. Usually, this will limit how far you can drive it, the type of mileage you can put on the car without incurring extra charges and the condition it needs to be brought back in. Imagine visiting Africa, renting a hire car and finding out that the contract doesn’t allow you to drive off the road. That could certainly limit your vacation experience, couldn’t it? You can find out more about lease contracts on When you take your own car, you can make sure you have absolute freedom to drive it however you like, wherever you like.

Cutting Costs

You might assume that it’s quite expensive to drive your car on vacation. But it does depend on where you’re going, and even if you are traveling far, there are cheap professional transit options. You can get your car shipped to your vacation spot with a service such as Once there, you’ll be able to avoid expensive costs that come with leasing such as paying for any wear and tear to the hired car.

Avoiding The Upscale

Once you reach the holiday destination, car lease companies have a number of tactics they use to get you to pay a lot more than you intended. For instance, they might claim that they have run out of the smaller car model you chose and only have the larger, more expensive versions left. Or, they might offer you a car with ‘luxury’ features such as an MP3 player and a sunroof. However, the car on your driveway has all those features, and you don’t have to pay extra for them, in fact, it has everything you could possibly need.

Reason To Buy

If you’re a typical petrol head, you’re probably always looking for a reason to buy a new car. Well, now you have one. You can purchase a holiday vehicle. You can purchase a car specifically for those road trips and destination vacations. That way your typical car won’t face a lot of wear and tear from your trips, and you’ll still have a fantastic vehicle to explore a new location in. Experts suggest that if you’re buying a car purely for vacation purposes it could be a huge cost saver. And you can check out for more information on how to avoid wear and tear with your vehicle.

Avoiding The Breakdown

Finally, you know your car is going to work properly because you had it checked out a couple of months ago. But there’s no guarantee the hire car is going to keep working. In fact, it could break down at any point during your vacation, leaving you stranded. You could be in sunny Orlando, and a situation like that is still going to put a dampener on your, drive own car, holidays, vacations, driving holidays, Shiply