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Driving Standards Down The Drain

Recently a report noted that some children don’t know that chips are made from potatoes. A quick butcher’s on the internet showed that this should come as no surprise. Pork comes from pigs they are astonished to learn and what are tomatoes exactly? On the very first search page without any effort, reports on the ignorance of children when it comes to food dated back to 2012. The surprise is that in the intervening five years, although the issue is much discussed, nothing has actually been done to change things. Sounds wearingly familiar doesn’t it?

The Driving Standards Test

Back to the here and now and Greater Manchester Police (@GMPtraffic) recently tweeted, “A number of people stopped without lights on today, in reduced visibility, didn’t have a clue which light were which”(sic) on their dashboard switch.

Now, we have a driving test in the UK. It isn’t perfect but it is a bloody sight better and more detailed than many other countries. Learners are expected to know very many things, some practical and some theoretical. If they pass the test then they are assumed to be adequately good drivers. Or so it is commonly thought.

In fact, as GMP implied, there are drivers out there who don’t know how their car works as if all that they were taught drains away from their minds like so much waste water down the pipes.

Driving Standards

So what happens to people? It’s like some sort of zombie science fiction movie scenario. Why would someone who has learned the rules and regulations and standards and theory of driving then instantly forget them and turn into a empty-headed numpty?

Is it technology? It is clear that a huge percentage of the population are so totally devoted to their gadgets and gizmos that their brains have atrophied to the point that they can no longer think for themselves. Common sense is not so common any more.

If you take any pride in your driving at all you probably bear witness daily to the fact that some people simply should not be put in charge of a Tonka toy, let alone a real car. These are perhaps the same people who will feed their kids but not explain to them what they are eating on the basis that it might upset their human rights to be told that eating meat means a beast must die.

It is clear that driving standards are taught but not learned. In the same way that youngsters don’t grasp the basics of food, the adults who drive them about don’t grasp that the driving standards they were taught have to be maintained. Yet, as the years pass, nothing changes. In fact, if anything they get worse. Just ask the Greater Manchester Police. Geoff Maxted