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Everything You Need to Enjoy a Race Weekend Properly

Planning a race weekend? There are few things as fun and thrilling as this and it is sure to be one of the highlights of the year. Whether it is your first race weekend or you are a seasoned pro, it is essential that you carefully think about what you need to bring with you to make the most out of the weekend. Here are the top 10 items to enjoy any weekend properly:

Tent: You will need somewhere to rest your weary head after an exciting day, so pack a tent that is big enough for sleeping and storing items in.

Sleeping bag and pillow: An absolute must for a comfortable and warm night’s sleep.

Portable Stove and cooking utensils: You will want to be eating decent food throughout the race weekend, so a portable stove and cooking utensils will allow you to cook up decent food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food and water: You will be able to find food and drink along the way, but be sure to have some packed just in case. Tinned food, bread, fruit and snack bars are all good options.

Toilet roll: You never know if the facilities will have toilet roll, plus it can come in handy for many other purposes on a camping trip.

Camping chair: Sitting around the campsite is one of the main parts of any fun race weekend. Make sure you are comfortable with a sturdy camping chair.

Bin Bags: Bin bags come in handy whether you are sitting on them when it is wet or using them to tidy up the campsite.

Torch: A torch is a must for any camping experience as they allow you to see in your tent at night, help you to find the toilet in the dark or simply for when you are sat around the campsite once the sun goes down.

Generator: A generator is a fantastic piece of equipment that will allow you and your party electricity whether it is for playing music, cooking or for lighting. Portable generators are available from companies like SGS.

Camera: You will certainly want to remember this fun excursion, so be sure to pack a camera or simply use your phone to capture moments over the weekend.

First-Aid kit: Accidents can happen and particularly on trips like this. Take a fully kitted out first-aid kit complete with painkillers, sun cream and anti-bacterial hand-wash.

Race weekends are brilliant fun and will create many happy memories, but you will also want to have everything that you need. Be sure to pack the above for a successful and fun weekend.