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Fashionable Glamping

We, the people, are always looking for different holiday experiences (you can say that again!) but tented holidays? Getting under canvas loses its appeal when you get a bit older. It isn’t like your childhood days of camping in the garden knowing that Mum & Dad were but a shriek away. Now though, it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

You can now go on driving/camping holidays whilst still retaining some modicum of cleanliness and self-respect. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is not only right on trend, it also lets you enjoy the great outdoors in style. Helpfully, there are many types of accommodation for people so disposed to disport themselves in the countryside.

Folk who undertake these holidays are known as ‘glampers’. Personally, I find that slightly pervy as if there are secret sheltered shenanigans going on. I prefer the term ‘Luxury Outdoorsperson’. It’s fun though, they say, whether it’s in a wacky wigwam, a dome with an astronomical view or a beautiful bell tent; something for everyone, we are told.

Your Hideaway Heaven

Wigwams, for example, are perfect for those who like the idea of camping but love the luxuries of home. Wigwam Holidays offer cabins that have all of your modern comforts in stunning settings, the ideal home-from-home.

Based in over 70 picturesque places in Britain, ranging from Scotland all the way down to the South Coast, their mission is to provide ‘great holidays in the great outdoors’ only without the nettle rash. Their well-crafted cabins, they allege, have double-glazed windows and are fully insulated so that you stay warm on those winter nights. Practically a house in fact.

They also come provided with proper foam mattresses, perfect for that well-needed rest after those great adventures. No more will you turn over only to plunge in bewildered consternation off the side of a narrow camp bed onto damp grass.

Luxurious Variety

If you can’t quite make your mind up, but definitely don’t want ‘run of the mill’, then Trellyn Woodland Camping is the place for you; offering a range of glamorous accommodation options, from luxury yurts through to Geo-Domes along with campfires and back to nature bushcraft.

The jewel in the crown of Trellyn’s offering is apparently “The Star Dome”, expertly positioned so you can watch the sun set. Yes, it’s in the UK, and when the sun goes down you can fall asleep under the stars beneath a large panoramic window placed over the bed. The Star Dome comes complete with en-suite compost loos, camp kitchen and open fire, along with use of the sites wood fired bread oven, so that you can make your own pizza.

Get Ready To Camp It Up

I haven’t been to any of these places. It’s not for me to choose your holiday activities after all; instead these ideas are bought to you by the Camping & Caravanning Club, whose annual shindig is on at the NEC, handily positioned in Birmingham, at the end of February. There is a very wide choice of ‘glamping’ accommodations so there should be something to suit.

The venues mentioned above are just a fraction of what’s on offer as many companies now understand that we like a bit of luxury with our burnt or almost raw barbecue food and, being in the UK, you can be assured that there’s an A&E within reasonable driving distance.

Obviously you can’t have it all your own way. Wasps have holidays too, so you’ll need to be prepared as ever. Nevertheless, it would make a nice change from stuffy boarding houses, expensive hotels and the like and you would be supporting the British economy at a time when many foreign destinations are a bit flaky. So pack that car up, tour the highways and byways and try a camping/glamping holiday for a change. Bring out your inner pioneer! Geoff Maxted