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Five Common Misconceptions About Drinking & Driving Insurance.

Each year, thousands of drivers are convicted of driving, or being in charge of a vehicle, whilst they are over the legal alcohol limit. These types of convictions can stay on your license from 4 – 11 years. But what about drink driving insurance? There are many myths surrounding these types of insurance policies.

We spoke to specialist insurance advisors, Insurance Revolution, about the most common myths surrounding insurance for people convicted of drink driving.

“I don’t need to tell my insurer about my drink driving conviction”

If you have a drink driving conviction, you absolutely need to tell your insurance provider. If you’re applying for a new insurance policy, it’s essential that you disclose any drink driving convictions on the form.

Failure to do this could result in your car insurance being deemed as invalid due to dishonesty. This could lead to you getting another driving conviction for driving without adequate insurance.

I won’t be able to get insured if I have a drink driving conviction”

If you have a drink driving conviction, there are some insurers that simply will not insure you. However, there are also plenty of insurance companies out there that will provide you with the cover you need to get back on the road.

The trick is to shop around and not necessarily go with the larger insurers, as you may not get the best deal.

My drink driving conviction is only valid in the UK”

If you need to apply for a travel visa, it’s a legal requirement that you’ll need to disclose your drink driving disqualification. In fact, some countries, like Mexico, will refuse entry to you if you have a conviction of this nature.

It’s also frequently necessary for you to produce your full, valid driving licence if you hire a car abroad.

I’ll only be able to get insured by the larger insurers”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many larger insurance companies are known for turning away drivers with drink driving convictions. If you want to save money on your driving insurance, it’s advisable to go to a specialist insurer that has a policy specifically tailored for these sorts of customers.

I can just put myself as a named driver on someone else’s policy”

If you’re thinking of putting yourself as a named driver on someone else’s policy, chances are it will simply increase their insurance premiums by a mile. car insurance, drinking & driving, drink dring conviction, Insurance Revolution