Four Cool Performance Cars Coming In 2015

The New Year has just begun and petrolheads can look forward to another exciting year ahead. Whether you are looking to buy one, to lust after one, or simply to use as wallpaper for your computer, there’s something look forward to, says Daniel Wong:

1. Ford Mustang
Finally there is a Mustang that everyone around the world can appreciate and enjoy. No longer just a limited-edition or a compromised right-hand drive conversion, this Mustang is a proper mass-produced car that’s going to be available in both left- and right-hand drive formats.
Independent rear suspension and limited slip differentials suggest dynamic abilities that are quite capable of seeing of the finest from Europe.
There’s also a 310 EcoBoost four-cylinder that’s easier on the wallet than its signature 5-litre V8.


2. Honda Civic Type-R
For the first time ever, the hottest of the Honda Civic range will feature a turbocharged engine. Power output from the 2-litre forced induction engine is between 280 to 290 hp, depending on its state of tune, and revs up to 7,000 rpm.
There’s also a ‘+R button’ which adjusts the engine mapping, as well as firming up steering and suspension.


3. Mazda MX-5
The world’s best-selling roadster will get refreshed with an all-new SkyActiv tweaked model. When it comes to maximizing driving pleasure on a budget, nothing beats the Mazda MX-5.
The fourth-generation model is no heavier or larger than before, but the new 2.0-litre SkyActiv engine now pushes out 180 hp.
The classic soft-top layout adds to the car’s appeal.


4. Honda NSX
The original NSX was a working class hero. It thought Porsche and Ferrari a thing or two about everyday usability.
This much-awaited successor is now a hybrid with not one, not two, but three electric motors, which when combined the car’s 3.5-litre V6, gives it all-wheel traction.
It’s also uses a nine-speed dual clutch transmission.


Author Bio
Daniel Wong is an automotive industry expert who writes regularly on many sites around the web. He loves to write about the newest industry developments across iconic companies as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi and many others.