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Four Ways To Know If It’s Time To Junk A Car

Junk car, junk car medics, old cars, used cars, sell your carDoes your car need another major repair and you are wondering if its time to junk it instead of pouring more money into it? If you are at a crossroads and cant decide whether or not to junk or repair your car, its smart to consider various factors to help you make a decision with ease. While it isnt possible to tell how long your old car will run, take a look at these 4 signs that may make it clear that its time to junk your car.

Past Repairs

What work have you done on your car? If youve had major repairs, you know those costs arent around the corner. If you havent dropped big money on major repairs, you may have some costly potential problems related to the engine or transmission that will need addressing very soon.

To help you gauge what may be coming next, visit online car forums. Find ones that discuss your cars age, make and model and see what other owners have to say. This can give you a general idea of what issues may be coming down the road that youll need to plan for.

Present Condition

Is your car in poor shape? If your vehicle has dents, rust, and other noticeable damage, its clearly not in good condition. Are the wheels scraped up and bent? If your car needs major bodywork repair and the upholstery and carpet are in poor shape it may be time to find a cash for cars service in your area. Junk car buyers can make the process of selling your junk car easy and will give you cash for your car.


Safety is always a consideration when it comes to whether you keep your junk car or not. If the tires are worn and need replaced and there are other red flags, it may be time to take the money you can get for your old car and put it towards a new one.

Modern vehicles have endless safety features from air bags to blind spot monitoring and go through rigorous testing to determine their crashworthiness. If you arent sure what you can afford but are ready to treat yourself to a new car, there are various new car financing choices available.


Maybe your old car causes you embarrassment or maybe the air conditioner doesnt work. If youre to the point that the fear of your car breaking down and the repeat costly car bills are weighing on you, it may be time to part ways with your car and opt for a newer model.

You know your cars history. If your old car is teetering on the edge of oblivion, its probably smart to get rid of it before it breaks down for good. Make the decision while the car has some value so you can sell it or trade it in. Newer cars are often still affordable, especially if you have some money for your old car to use as a down payment. You cant put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with owning a reliable car.

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