How Green Was My Attitude

It is a well known fact that I am a mild-mannered easy going kinda guy; peace and equanimity follow me around like disciples of love. Very occasionally though, something sticks in my craw, and, like a shirt-rending Hulk, I turn on my persecutor.

The persecutor in question on the most recent occasion was one of the green persuasion. I am always happy to have a reasoned and reasonable debate on the question of the environment but not when the other person refuses to countenance anything outside of their blinkered thin green lines. I stood accused, in no uncertain terms, of being a polluter because I review cars and am therefore on the road a lot. Simple as that.

According to this lunatic woman – and she knows who she is and what car she drives – I am pretty much personally responsible for the ecological destruction of the planet. (Note: the car I am presently testing emits 129g/km of CO² / officially 50.1mpg of diesel). When I pointed out that drivers (let’s not mention ‘planes, trains and commercials) in the UK are under pressure all the time to reduce emissions as are European car makers, my argument fell on deaf ears. There are none so deaf as those who won’t listen – and isn’t there a lot of that about these days?

When I suggested that instead of being an armchair eco-nut she would be better served protesting outside some foreign embassies (or better still naff off over there) if she wanted to confront some major polluters you would have thought I had just slapped her – and believe me the idea crossed my mind.

This is the problem I have with some of these ecological, save-the-world types. They don’t listen and they don’t think. All they can do is bombard the majority with propaganda. I am all for a cleaner, greener world but the fault does not lie with the British public. Most of us are trying to make a difference but nothing is good enough. Because the monomaniacs shout loud enough, governments see a bandwagon to jump upon thus propagating the myths as well as the facts.

The issue of climate change (if you believe it exists at all and is not only to do with the planet evolving) is not something that can be solved in a couple of years or even a generation. If our Great Leaders can only come up with fudged, blurry solutions at their global meetings in lovely faraway places – which they fly to by the way – what hope have we ordinary mortals got?

I happen to believe that it is a bit of both and we are, at least in part, responsible for our own condition and that it is fine and dandy to try and do something about it. What gets up my nostrils is the attitude of these demented folk. How can you possibly have a local solution to a global problem?
Geoff Maxted