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Honda – Department Of ‘We Want It Here’

I was reading a car review post by Denis Flierl the other day (here) on a website I contribute to and liked the style of the Honda Civic Coupe Tourer that’s on sale in the United States. I’m a fan of our Civic and of Honda cars generally. Honda is my local car manufacturer, being just along the road from me in beautiful uptown Swindon, so I take a proprietary interest in the doings. The aforementioned article caused me to wonder why we don’t appear to be getting the coupe here. I resolved to know more.

Back in September last year I offered you (here) a short piece on the inexpensive and nifty little Honda S660. It was rumoured around then that this car might, just might, be coming to the UK where it would, I believe, be an instant hit. No sign of it yet, alas.Honda, S660, DriveWrite Automotive, car blog, motoring blog

So I contacted Honda PR and asked the question. It garnered an instant response to the effect that the answer was no on both counts. Any car manufacturer worth its salt would flog motors anywhere in the global marketplace if they though there was a profit on tap so it has to be assumed that Honda don’t see any percentage in it.

It seems to me that they are underestimating the British fondness for something different. I would imagine that the public would pick up on these good-looking wheels. Certainly, they would be niche; most people seem to be quite happy with mainstream offerings and they would be quick to point out the drawbacks of both vehicles. Honda, Civic Coupe Tourer, DriveWrite Automotive, car blog, motoring blog

We know that ‘niche’ works because the Honda Civic Type R (here) is available here, thank goodness, so the buyers are out there. There are plenty of drivers who have a penchant for nippy little sports jobs and the more discerning may choose the elegant lines of the Honda Civic Coupe Tourer, not minding that it is deficient in doors to the tune of two.

Come on Honda. Buck up. It’s a big world and the market for interesting, quirky cars is still out there. Why not put Britain to the test? The cry goes up – ‘We Want Them Here’! Geoff Maxted