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The Importance Of Driving Safely This Winter

Every year brings weather warnings, telling people to slow down and to think about the consequences if they don’t. Many areas have already experienced ice and even snow already this winter, and it’s now that people should be listening. No one likes seeing an accident on the side of the road or seeing there’s been an accident on the news, it’s important that you think before you start driving this winter.

Accidents in Poor Weather

According to The Road Weather Management Programme, nearly 1,259,000 crashes a year are weather related. Conditions that cause these accidents are snow, ice, rain and fog, as well as drivers who aren’t concentrating and/or are distracted. Thousands of lives are lost a year due to car accidents, but there are simple things that can ensure that you travel safely.

Plan Ahead

Firstly, you can check your route and the weather. If it’s snowed overnight, the likelihood is that by the time you leave for work the roads will still be iced over and covered in a white sheet of snow.

Stick to main roads because thousands of people travel during the night, making it harder for the snow to settle, making it impossible to see the lines and the ice underneath.

Your daily routine might need to change in the cold and wet weather. Its best to leave extra time to get to work or to do the school run, you never know what kind of surprises you might find on the way.

Accidents can cause backups for miles and, although there’s no knowing when they might occur, it’s safer to leave your self-time to get around it just in case. If there is an accident, don’t concentrate on it. You don’t want to have an accident yourself whilst driving past another accident simply because you were distracted.Master Car Sales, winter, driving, snow, used cars, new cars, road safety, DriveWrite, Automotive, motoring blog, car blog, lifestyle, auto

Do Your Checks

Check your car over and make sure that all your lights work. You don’t want someone crashing in to the back of you because they couldn’t see you. It might sound silly given that your car won’t move without it, but make sure you have enough fuel.

Don’t forget to check your tyres, they won’t be of any use if they have no tread and you’re on the ice. One thing you’ll need to keep in your car is de-icer; you’ll need it on those frosty mornings.

Take Your Time

Slow down, there’s no need to rush. It’s better to be late than to not arrive at all, I doubt your boss will be angry if you’re a bit late due to bad weather. They would rather have you turn up late than to take risks driving on dangerous roads in an attempt to be at your desk before 9am. There is never a good reason to speed in any case, especially in bad weather.

Is Your Car Safe?

You might find that as the bad weather continues it really takes a toll on your car, you might also think about the fact your car’s not completely safe before the bad weather hits. The best way to overcome this issue is to look for a new, safe car.

You don’t want anything that will cause you more problems in the long runs, so make sure you buy from a trusted dealer. You might want to search for luxury cars for sale, to give you that added layer of comfort as well as safety, something that you will undoubtedly appreciate sat in traffic.

Finding a new car can be difficult. You will need to find a vehicle that meets all of your needs. Don’t just think about style, but also practicality. The last thing you need is a two-seater sports car if you have a family of five.

Either way, you will need a vehicle to get you driving through the worst of the weather.