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Lamborghini vs Ferrari: What Are the Key Differences Between These Car Giants?

If you were asked to name two of the most famous and beloved sports car manufacturers, you’d probably come up with Lamborghini and Ferrari. It’s not exactly hard to see why. They’ve dominated this scene for such a long time, and both companies have created and sold countless cars that can’t fail but to impress. But what are the key differences between these two automotive giants? It’s time to find that out right now.

There Are More Ferrari Cars Produced

Each year, more Ferraris are produced than Lamborghinis. Whether you want a sports roadster or a top-end sports car, you can get one from Ferrari. And there are enough of them out there for people to be able to make use of Ferrari Hire companies. Each Ferrari model tends to have around 8000 cars created for it. Each new Lamborghini iteration, on the other hand, has about 4000 manufactured. So, there are certainly more Ferraris out there than Lamborghinis.

And The Company Makes More Money as a Result

One of the reasons why Ferrari makes more money is surely down to the fact that they have a wider range of vehicles on offer, and they target different demographics with their vehicles. They earn more than twice as much as Lamborghini each year. And we’ll look into that below when we compare the road cars offered by the two companies. Don’t get us wrong, Lamborghini isn’t doing badly financially. Ferrari is just doing, Ferrari, Lamborghini, sports cars, lifestyle auto, autos, supercars, DriveWrite Automotive, car hire, motoring blog, car blog

Lamborghini Started Out in F1, While Ferrari Focused on the Car Racing Championship

It’s interesting to look at why both of these companies originally got involved in the car making game. In the case of Lamborghini, they wanted to get involved in the growing sport of Formula 1 in the 60s. They were focused on creating cars that could compete in this sport and win silverware. Ferrari on the hand, operating in an earlier era when it started out, focused on the Car Racing Championship at the time.

There Are No Conventional Lamborghini Road Cars

There are only two basic types of Lamborghinis that get produced. They are the Gallardo and the Aventador. These are both sports cars, and they’re both two-seater vehicles. There are no conventional road cars manufactured by the company. That’s something that makes it different to Ferrari, which does create a few types of road cars aimed at a slightly less high-end market. The 458 Italia and the California are examples.

Ferrari Has a Greater History and Heritage

This one is largely based on the fact that Ferrari is a much older company than Lamborghini. Ferrari is generally considered one of the oldest car companies that’s still in existence and making new cars. They started way back in 1939, while Lamborghini didn’t get started until 1963. This is an interesting point to make because even now, Lamborghini feels newer and at the cutting edge. Ferrari on the other hand, has to recognise and respect its own history.

There is no doubting the quality of these two car brands, but now you know a bit about what makes them so distinct from one another.