MG – On The Up And Up

The MG name can be traced back to its beginnings in1924. These days though, after the disastrous British Leyland years, that name is now owned by the Shanghai based SAIC Motor Corporation. The modern versions are designed, engineered and undergo final assembly at MG’s historic home in Longbridge, Birmingham.

It has to be said that MGs reintroduction to the UK has been pretty low key. Aside from the successes in the British Touring Car Championship, potential buyers haven’t seen a lot of MG promotion. DriveWrite tried the MG3 last year and found it, as a low cost car under the £10,000 threshold, to be a decent driver (although I had questions about the fit and finish) but neither it, nor the bigger MG6 saloon/hatchback can be said to have got the car market buzzing.

Despite the legendary name, you have to see these new cars as being just that – new. They have about as much in common with the MG of yore as I have with Lady Gaga. Remember how brands like Kia and Hyundai used to be dismissed as jokes? Well, they’re not joking now are they? There are some tremendous cars coming out of Korea and the Far East so they can no longer be dismissed.

The current range of MGs are very good value but are not exactly bristling with the latest technology and emissions on the petrol engines particularly are higher than the current standard. Nevertheless, as the dealer range slowly expands no doubt the models will improve as time goes on. To this end a new MG6 goes on sale from next month.

The new car arrives on the forecourts as MG sales in the UK continue to increase rapidly – say the company – boosted by the opening of a wave of new dealerships across the country. Last year MG was the fastest growing automotive brand in Britain, they say.

MG launched the original MG6 in 2011 but the 2015 MG6 offers major improvements in every area of the car. The 1.9-litre DTi-TECH diesel engine has been developed to give lower CO² levels and improved mpg figures. Exact figures will be revealed at the car’s launch. Comprehensive updates have been made to the body styling of the car while it retains the driving dynamic qualities that won plaudits from drivers who apparently voted the MG6 the Best Handling car in the 2014 Auto Express Driver Power Awards.

Interior upgrades and enhanced equipment levels are introduced on the new car which will arguably have one of the best intelligent infotainment systems of any car in its class. A state-of-the-art navigation system will also set new standards.

Matthew Cheyne, MG’s Head of Marketing, is quoted as saying: “This is a totally different car to the original MG6 with a host of new technologies and major advances in every area. We will reveal the full story and prices when the car is unveiled shortly, but the new MG6 is a big leap forward from the original car which has been the result of thousands of hours of dedicated work from our designers and engineers.”

Saying that the New MG6 would have broad appeal to both retail and business customers. He added: “The MG6 was always a comfortable, roomy car and offered rewarding driving but the New MG6 takes the car to a different level again with a host of great improvements and advances, most of which have never been seen before on an MG. With the MG3 selling really well, the New MG6 will give MG another great boost. Last year was a really significant year for MG in terms of sales performance, but 2015 is already shaping up to be a cracking year for MG.”

No pictures yet save the teaser but it will be good to see a quality car once again behind the MG badge. Let’s hope that soon drivers will be happy to stand once again in the pub and say they drive an MG.

Geoff Maxted