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Milton Keynes Goes Ultra Low

Don’t you just hate the expression, ‘sustainable mobility solutions’? To me it sums up what’s wrong with our anodyne, politically correct, culturally sensitive, perpetually offended world. We know what ‘sustainable mobility solutions’ are but why can’t we say it in plain English? There’s a lot of this pretentious newspeak about.

Whatever, it seems that car rental company Europcar is demonstrating its firm and unswerving commitment to ‘sustainable mobility solutions’ by opening a new hire shop in Milton Keynes Central railway station.

Consider this. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is considering banning older diesels from the city because of the dangers of emissions. These will be the same diesels that you and the Labour party recommended we buy not that many years ago then, Sadiq?

If the big cities of the world are planning to follow Mr Khan’s lead then Europcar’s plan makes a lot of sense. By making all forms of vehicle rental – from hybrid and electric vehicles available for both hourly and long term rental to visitors to MK, right in the heart of the town at the railway station, it could set the benchmark for ‘connected mobility’.

Being a town that is determinedly green, Milton Keynes (celebrating its fiftieth birthday this year) is keen to enhance its reputation for adopting ‘sustainable green technologies’. MK recently secured the award of Go Ultra Low City status so to offer EV and Hybrid technology shows they are doing their bit and good luck to them.

The new Milton Keynes location is a showcase for Europcar’s latest mobility technologies including hourly car hire (a great idea) and chauffeur drive as well as electric vehicles for business or pleasure purposes. The company have recently added the Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen powered car, to its fleet and the company intends to move said fleet to five percent electric vehicles by 2020.

It’s nice to know that a British town is leading the way to a cleaner, greener environment and it would not come as a surprise to see other European destinations following suit a bit smartish. And you thought that the only thing on offer from MK was concrete cows. Geoff Maxted