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A Money Saving Driving App From CarPrint

Driving cleaner and greener is a worthwhile aim and, through eco-driving, money is saved too. Ever wondered how to monitor your driving to the benefit of all? Well, now you can thanks to CarPrint. This proven app takes the boredom out of driving and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Fiddling about with technology is a definite no-no when on the road. Fortunately, this useful app is not a distraction. It does not show your trip results until you reach your destination and turn your engine off.

CarPrint + OBD

Since the implementation of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) standard, every vehicle has a standard 16-pin connector usually situated somewhere under the dashboard. You’ll need an OBD reader to use the app. Buy them at any motor factors or online. Don’t worry, set-up is simplicity itself and the cost of readers is low; you will recover the outlay in no time.

Plug in your OBD reader, matching the wider side with the wider side of the OBD port. Pair the Bluetooth OBD reader with your mobile device and hit “Start Trip” to begin recording. The reader transmits engine data to your phone or tablet, which in turn uploads it to the CarPrint website for you to see interesting trip maps and graphics.

The CarPrint Boss Speaks:

Scott Osberg, President and co-founder of CarPrint says, “We are very excited about rolling out the CarPrint app in Europe. The US has a huge market, but with gas prices so low and a less environmentally focused populace, we don’t expect to get the market penetration we expect to get in Europe. The UK is of particular interest and I think Germany as well. I have some regular Google searches and 95% of the articles are from Britain. Eco-driving is very popular with fleets, as it is in the US too, and it seems also to have caught on with many regular passenger car drivers – our target audience”.

At this point, the only place in Europe where CarPrint is offered is in the UK and you should be able to download the app on iOS or Android phones and tablets right now.

CarPrint are offering the app for free and it’s a lifetime membership. Scott has committed to offering it free through May 2017.

Scott Osberg continues, “Another thing we are very excited about is offering a non-OBD, CarPrint Lite version. This would allow users to begin using the app while waiting for their OBD scanners to arrive or to evaluate the product before purchasing an OBD. The Lite version won’t have fuel use, but there’s a lot of other stuff that it will have, including trip maps and stats, a speed profile of trips, and one thing I like a lot – last parked location. I need to park and re-park in Washington, DC and the last parked location keeps me from having to walk around the neighborhood in search of my car!”

Sounds good, no? It works well, it’s free and it contributes to a greener lifestyle. What’s not to like? Take it for a test drive HERE.

Geoff Maxted