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The New BMW 5 Series Is Beautiful

The new BMW 5 Series is an absolutely stunning of innovation and technological ingenuity. Of course, beautiful cars in aesthetic are nothing new for BMW. They’ve been doing that since the beginning, arguably, so what’s special about this range of brand new models for 2017?

Well, it’s modern, and it’s pushing things further than ever before. That about summarises everything. Sure, they had the BMW i8 Hybrid back in 2014 with cutting edge technology that was a hallmark of the very near future, but BMW has really gone beyond that with the new 5 Series.

There’s a whole range of exciting models within this brand new series with a classic saloon model, and a touring model (the GT model is now only coming in the 6 Series, but that looks great too). This is just a surface level look at the fresh BMW range, however. You want to know the finer details before you commit to anything. Here are some of the ways in which the new BMW 5 Series is so much better than everything which came before it from this top manufacturer and everything else that’s out right now in this highly competitive and over-saturated automotive industry.

The range.

Aesthetically, BMW has done it yet again. Prototypes that we’ve seen from the brand new series all have better shapes than any of the models in previous ranges, and this is all in a bid from BMW to apparently improve the aerodynamics of cars in their newest series. The 5 Series sports a rather hard-to-miss kidney grille with louvres that open and close depending on whether the engine needs air to help with the cooling process. They’ve really thought of everything this time around.

Along with different models, BMW owners of the brand new 5 Series will also have the choice of different styles, of course; Standard, Sport, Pure Excellence, M Sport, and Individual are the range of stylistic options available. They really haven’t cut any corners this time around, and with the amount of specific and varied options available (each still possessing all the best mod-cons of this new range), many people are calling this BMW’s most complete series ever. BMW 5 Series, car leasing, Intelligent Car leasing, new car BMW, German car, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring blog, car blog

The cost.

The price of a car is always the big decider even if you’re perfectly sold on all the amazing features and the pretty design of a brand new model. The BMW 5 Series starts at £37,000, and that’s to be expected from the manufacturing giants at this point in the game. The prices obviously vary from model to model depending on the finer aspects of the deal you cut. Still, there are always other options when it comes to purchasing a brand new BMW 5 Series. You could lease a new BMW from websites out there that specialise in such things because it’s much cheaper. Plus, you’ll probably only be using this brand new model for a few years before you move onto the next best thing anyway. That’s the way the automotive industry works, so save yourself some money if you’re going to buy into it all.

The new tech and specs.

The series relies on a brand new platform called OKL (or luxury class), and it’s got all of us rather excited. Once again, utilising the brains of the smartest people at BMW, the manufacturer has managed to use carbon fibre, aluminium, steel, and even magnesium to knock 100kg off the weight of the car and create their lightest model yet in the form of the 520i. Of course, this is just one example of BMW’s innovative and improved approach to automotive manufacturing.

Let’s talk about the engine. One of the most exciting options available to you as the owner of a brand new 5 Series is a quad-turbocharged version of the six-cylinder B57 diesel engine. What makes this 3-litre machinery so special? BMW are utilising electric turbos to bolster reserves beyond anything they’ve done before; I said they were leaving the i8 Hybrid in the rearview mirror. They have other cool hybrid options such as a 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that offers you a 20 mile backup with an electric motor, should you need it. Okay, so it’s not entirely electric, but it’s a mouth-wateringly complex combination of new and old technology.

Again, there are always slight differences between different models within the same series. The G30 certainly offers one of the best performances in terms of engine capability, but that doesn’t mean the other models don’t still have incredible handling capabilities and the classic interior comfort for which BMW is so well known. All in all, it’s an exciting new series if you’re a BMW fan.