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The All New Toyota Prius – Is It Really All New?

The Toyota Prius has recently been given a makeover, but has it made much of a difference? Here, we’ll briefly review the 2017 model and see just how much it compares to its predecessor.

Introducing the new 2017 Prius design

One of the most anticipated updates car enthusiasts were keen to see was an updated design. The older Prius has been described as dated and lacking in style compared to its competitors. So, how does its new design measure up?

Toyota have given the 2017 Prius a revised design which is meant to give it a broader appeal. It certainly has a more striking look than the previous model and this is said to be thanks to a very young design team. It’s also been lowered quite a lot, giving it more of a settled feel. But does this new design give it increased visual appeal? Well, the brand has definitely made it look better, but some still argue it isn’t as stylish as its competitors. So, it all comes down to personal preference.

If it’s style you’re looking for, instead you’ll want to consider the newest addition to the Prius family – the Prius Prime. Not only does it boast a super-stylish exterior, but it’s also the best value model available in terms of fuel economy.

What about its other features?

The 2017 Prius may not have completely won over enthusiasts with its design, but one thing it has improved is its handling abilities.

Due to the fact the car is built wider, longer and lower than its predecessor, it does handle a lot better than previous models. It also benefits from a 60% increase in its torsional rigidity. This is thanks to extra body reinforcement and the use of high strength steel.

The fuel economy is also impressive. The model remains one of the most environmentally friendly cars on the market. For this reason, it’s easy to find affordable deals whether you buy the Prius new or used.

Overall, some may be disappointed by the updated 2017 Prius, but it does come down to personal preference. It’s a reliable, budget and environmentally friendly car that does deliver a powerful statement. Its increased handling is also a major benefit and its purchase affordability is also a huge advantage. So, if you haven’t considered investing in the Toyota Prius, now is definitely the time to do so.