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Pickup Tops: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

You’ve already bought Christmas gifts for all the family, but you haven’t gotten anything new for your pickup just yet. Whether you’re one of those people who consider their cars to be no less than a part of the family or not, Christmas can be a great excuse to finally get your hands on that accessory that’s been on your wish list since last March. And when it comes to trucks, there’s no better accessory than a pickup top from Pick Up Tops UK, whether it’s just a cover, a bed liner, or a full-fledged hardtop.

To begin with, you will have to know your way around different types of pickup tops. The typical thing everyone thinks of when hearing ‘pickup top’ is known as a Tonneau cover – a rolling, folding, or fixed shutter that covers the rear area of your truck. There are also bed liners, which are simple anti-humidity and anti-damage covers for your truck bed. Some have a rugged texture that helps cargo stay in place as you’re carrying it. And lastly, a hardtop is pretty self-explanatory – a solid and enclosed construction that attaches to the rear of your truck, giving you twice as much storage space.

Now, why would you need a pickup top? Many drivers opt for a simple cover in order to keep their truck bed dry and free of debris, but there’s much more to these accessories than just that. For instance:

  1. Tonneau covers are excellent if you’re planning to carry small cargo. If you can’t resist that weekly trip to your local IKEA, or you just fancy doing all your shopping once a month, a pickup cover will protect your items from rain, snow, humidity, and road debris.

  2. Tonneau covers are also great for keeping your truck bed dry and free of debris when parking outside. Whether you’re going camping, or just on a road trip, you’re most likely to leave your truck in an open parking area for several days. The last thing you want is to have to clean it before putting your luggage back in!

  3. Bed liners are great for covering your truck bed while you’re keeping it in the garage. Naturally, there’s not as much dirt and debris inside the garage, but there’s enough dust to get into all the nooks and crannies of your truck and give you a reason to take it to the car wash. A simple fabric truck cover and a bed liner should keep it clean and dust free, especially if you’re not planning to take it out of the garage for a while.

  4. Hardtops are irreplaceable when it comes to bulky and heavy cargo. If you’re planning to move houses soon, and you’re not very keen on hiring a moving company, it’s mandatory to get a hardtop for your pickup. It will keep all your furniture and boxes safe from the weather and curious eyes, even if you’re driving across the country.pickup, pickup top, pickup truck, pickup accessories, trucks, commercial vehicles, pickup tops uk, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring blog, lifestyle, lifestyle auto, car blog

  5. Hardtops are also much more pleasing to the eye than regular Tonneau covers – they make your pickup look and feel more like a van, and offer you three times as much storage space that the truck bed alone.

Bottom line is that pickup tops are irreplaceable accessories for your truck, that can serve a multitude of purposes – from protecting your truck bed from the weather to offering you 3x the storage capacity of a regular pickup. So why not treat yourself to one as a Christmas gift?