Preparation Is The Key To A Happy MOT

Motorparks, Jeep, Mazda,Knowing your car MOT is just around the corner is often a cause for despondency. It can often be an event that leads to expenditure but are you looking at it the right way? Forward planning – that’s the answer. Get it right first time. Courtesy of our friends at Motorparks, below you can read a checklist of how you can help yourself.

Rather than being something you dread the MOT should be something you value and although you might not actually look forward to it, having a fresh MOT should be something to celebrate and be pleased with, knowing that your car is properly roadworthy.

Originally introduced in 1960, the MOT test was initially only for vehicles over 10 years old. The problem was most cars were failing the test so the time limit had to be brought back and eventually it was applied to all cars older than 3 years.

Now of course, cars are much more reliable and better assembled which is why the government is considering adding another year’s exemption.

The reason to celebrate the MOT test is that once you have a new test done you know all the general safety aspects of the car are as good as they should be. It should also be something every driver takes pride in.

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