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We’re Pumped For The New BMW GT, You Should Be Too!

Last month, BMW unveiled the new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo and wow, is it impressive. It’s the next in line after the 5 Series GT, and this one has five doors with liftback. We have to admit, this latest model has us excited for a wide range of reasons, and it is worth examining everything we know so far about this beautiful new car.

When Will We See It?

While it has been unveiled and there are already some pictures online it will be officially shown off to car enthusiasts at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September. After that, we should have more details about how fast it goes, what it brings to the table and the type of handling we can expect when we finally get to take it for a spin.

As for the actual release date, it’s expected to be on the market just in time for Christmas, in November. So, if you’re very good, perhaps Santa will put the keys for one in your stocking.

What’s It’s Purpose?

Aside from just being a brand new BMW for car enthusiasts? Well, if you look on the market, there’s already a cool car that matches the specs of the bigger BMW 6 series, and that’s the Audi A7. it’s got the looks, the appeal, and space, so there’s definitely the suggestion here that the 6 Series GT is being brought out to compete with it on the car market. What we do know is that the new model has been through a complete redesign, that offers more space and cooler tech. While you can expect classic features you’re used to from the BMW alloy wheels to the unique bodywork and the precision handling, the tech is what has us most excited.

This is perhaps our favourite thing about the car. It has all tech that BMW have been trickling out on the market from gesture control so half autonomous driving. So, you can change the track on your radio by a flick of the hand, but you won’t quite be able to take your hand off the wheel and let the car drive itself. Though, the autonomous tech included is certainly going to make this car a lot safer to drive on the road.

What Does It Mean For The Rest Of The BMW Models?

Keen BMW enthusiasts will knows there are quite a few different models between the 5 series and the 7 series such as the Cabriolet and the current 6 series coupé. Well, they are expected to vanish from the market within two or three years leaving the new version as the only option. Particularly for car buyers who don’t want something as small as the five series but are turned off by the price tag of the seven.

The general thinking here is that BMW is moving towards luxury and expensive models of cars and cutting out what could be considered the budget alternative. Will this marketing strategy pay off? We’ll find out in the next few years. But BMW have always been known for their particular attention to detail and luxury features. So, it’s unlikely replacing cheaper models with a stunning new alternative will deter many buyers.

Will you buy the new 6 series GT when it’s released next year or is the A7 already the perfect choice for this type of car? BMW, new cars, used cars, Frankfurt motor show, Audi