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Scanza: Film Scanning Gets Affordable

I don’t know about you but I have in a cupboard about a trillion old 35mm colour slides and negatives dating back to the days when film ruled, some of which are pretty good pics. Indeed I still have my beloved film camera that works perfectly; the problem is that processing and film scanning for the modern world costs convenience, time and money. Now though, legendary photographic company Kodak have the solution for all the aged film buffs and the increasing numbers of returners to the medium. A film scanner we can afford. The Scanza.

We Want The Scanza Here

In the USA will retail around $160 or so; IF (unknown at the time of writing) we get it here in the UK I guess it may cost a little, but not much, more. It will scan 35mm negatives or slides and down through the ancient 126, 110 and even 8mm movie film.

As can be seen in the image, the Scanza is a simple thing that can save scanned images to card or direct to a PC without the need for expensive software. Easy to load, they say, images are saved at 14MP but can, if required, be interpolated up to 22MP. That’s more than big enough for domestic printing. Exposure and colour can be adjusted in the process or imaging software can be deployed later. It’s a brilliant idea.

A Scanza DIY Approach To Film

Most of us now do not have access to a darkroom but it remains cheap and straightforward to process black & white film at home. Personally this is something I have done hundreds of times with just a black-out bag and a film tank that can be found both new and second-hand. Suitable chemistry is available to buy from specialist retailers. Even if you’ve never done this, it is easy but does require a few practice runs first. Colour negative film and transparencies have a different process but there are plenty of online processors. All you need is the negatives.

Why mention The Scanza On A Motoring Site

Well, because car enthusiasts like making pictures too for both business and pleasure. There are so many scenic spots that look like they should have a ‘Your Car Here’ sign posted nearby. It might be a half-forgotten skill but in many people’s opinion including mine, film images just look better. They do. Why else would imaging software providers include ‘film looks’ that mimic styles or brands in their products. It’s okay but it is very much not the same.

Warning: There’s no ‘chimping’ a screen to check your images with film. You need to get it right in camera first time. It’s a skill that many people could use these days looking at the standard of pics that flood the internet. People who shoot film don’t just learn about correct exposure they also learn how to look and learn how to see.

Now it’s possible to shoot film and not have to pay a fortune in scanning costs. Obviously, professionals need super-high quality images but they probably already have their pro scanners anyway. I’ve asked Kodak when the Scanza is coming here. We wait, as ever, with bated breath. I can hear my Nikon calling me even as I type. Geoff Maxted

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