Soon In June – Wilton Classic Supercar Show

As the Wilton Classic & Supercar show fast approaches it is on course to host a jaw-dropping display of supercars at the two-day event on June 6/7 in the grounds of Wilton House near Salisbury. And whatever your definition of a supercar – there is sure to be something to fit the bill.

Supercars lined up to appear at the Wilton Classic & Supercar with Castrol EDGE include a LaFerrari, Porsche 918, Spyder 0ne-77 Aston Martin, a Veyron Pur Sang and a Veyron Super Sport WRC. And as an added bonus the full three-tier McLaren model range will be displayed publicly in the UK for the first time at the show. Models from the Super Series and Ultimate Series will be joined by the McLaren 570S Coupé; the first model in the recently launched Sports Series.“We know that everyone has their own idea of what a supercar should be, whether that is a massive price tag, the most amazing design or by setting a new benchmark in technology,” said Lord Pembroke (pictured above). “So our dedicated supercar display will have something to please everyone.”

For Lord Pembroke a supercar must stand out from all other cars on the road.  “It should be at the cutting edge of extreme automotive engineering. It should be low, sleek, aggressive and of course fast, very fast!  It certainly shouldn’t have four seats or doors and it should only have luggage space for a small wash bag at a push!”And his favourite? “It has to still be the Bugatti Veyron. It’s 10 years since production started in earnest yet it still gives the very latest hypercars a run for their money. Imagine driving your band new LaFerrari flat out down the autobahn, reaching your top speed only to see a 10 year old Veyron flash past you!! The Veyron is the automotive equivalent of Concorde.”

Event ambassador Tiff Needell, who will be at the Wilton Classic Supercar show, said his definition of a supercar was simple. “For me it needs to be able to go in excess of 200mph, cost more than £200,000 and have outrageous looks. That to me is a supercar.”

However he said that the word supercar means different things to different enthusiasts. “Nowadays the word supercar has been somewhat diluted, as the term has been overused and even misused,” says Tiff. “Some cars will be a supercar to one person but not necessarily to the next.”Tiff will be on hand to guide visitors through some of the very best supercars in the world with parade interview sessions and prizes for the very best supercar on the day. More than 500 cars and bikes are expected to be on display over the two days on Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7 with tickets now available online To keep up to date with news about the event visit

With the exception of the image of Lord Pembroke, all photos are by me and from last year’s event.

Geoff Maxted