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Supporting The Case For Dashcams

I don’t have a problem returning to the subject of road safety and the use of dashcams. In my driving life I see so many instances of bad or sloppy or careless or just-plain-stupid driving that I am often inclined to smile at and offer a cheery wave to anyone who is driving conscientiously. I use a dashcam all of the time as a precaution against stupidity or criminal activity.

The Value Of Dashcams

British roads are becoming more crowded as time goes on. The prospect of accidents together with ‘cash for crash’ scams (they haven’t gone away) and road rage incidents, so the purchase and fitment of a dashcam is becoming more important. It has been estimated that there are around 30,000 “crash for cash” incidents every year, an important reason for fitting a camera.

Julian Pollock, founder of ProofCam is encouraged by the increasing interest in the dashcam market. “We have enjoyed very rapid, but progressive and successful expansion over the last three years”, he said, “and we are currently developing new dashcam technologies and features and to aid in the process.”

It’s true that the use of these safety cameras has grown but I find myself surprised that so many drivers still do not consider them an essential. Our cars today bristle with all manner of safety equipment and sensors but they still cannot protect you from the clown taking his eyes off the road to check his emails.

Dashcams And Insurance

It makes sense that the evidence of their own eyes from dashcam footage would convince even the most stony-hearted insurer to give the innocent party a break. Certainly, these devices are promoted as being a ‘possible’ aid to lower premiums and the preservation of the hard-won no claims bonus. This seems not to be the case.

Because loyalty to the customer is a thing of the past in this avaricious world many motorists change insurers every year to make the most of car insurance ‘deals’. It is time-consuming and irritating but what can you do? An enlightened company that takes into account the use of and evidence from dashcams may well be out there (Don’t be shy! Make yourself known!) but I have yet to find one when the anniversary of my annual switch is due.

In the same way that car insurance companies hold our transgressions against even longer than the law does, I suspect they don’t want to be involved with anything that could potentially affect their profits which is of course what road safety is all about.

Still, for that extra peace of mind, a dashcam remain a worthwhile investment. Some are unnecessarily complex as they offer features often now found on cars. The current model I am using offers a clear wide-angle view of the road. If a shunt or other unpleasantness does occur, the events leading up to it are recorded and saved.

In fact, I don’t know why car makers don’t offer dashcams as an option to be built in. After all, buyers can select from a host of largely pointless gadgetry as it is so why not include a camera? Another tool in the good driver’s safety arsenal. Geoff Maxted