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Suzuki Ignis On The Comeback Trail

Suzuki Motor Corporation have unveiled the Ignis at the Paris Motor Show as its new global compact crossover. The new Suzuki Ignis, say the company, wraps convenience and comfort in a stylish new exterior. It exudes Suzuki DNA from every pore, while at the same time introducing an entirely new design with unique character. In addition to its simple and iconic styling, this compact SUV offers the functionality and performance to provide confident driving in a wide variety of conditions. Sales are scheduled to begin in Europe in January 2017.

Exterior design

Suzuki describe their new crossover in the usual flowery language as follows: The shape of the Ignis body begins with the distinctive front face that integrates the striking LED headlamps and the strong lines of the front grille. It continues with the robust shoulders that suggest strength while the surface of the lower body exudes expressiveness.

It is a simple design that at the same time presents a familiar, lovable expression. It also inherits the first-generation Cervo’s slit-like C-pillar design and the Swift’s distinctive blacked out A and B pillar design, as well as other distinctive Suzuki SUV design elements such as the fender garnish and clamshell bonnet. The resulting package carries Suzuki’s SUV heritage into a new era.

Interior design

In addition to its simple yet unique design, the characteristic image of the Suzuki Ignis is further enhanced by its interior ambiance. The round shape of its air-conditioning system’s panel and the advanced feel of its distinctive meter cluster design combine to give the cabin environment a futuristic look.

The sweeping horizontal line of the instrument panel uses materials with rich texture to create a design that conveys breadth and roominess. The orange and metallic titanium accent colours add an extra touch of quality to the cabin and help establish an active image that befits a crossover.Suzuki Ignis, new cars, DriveWrite Automotive, car, motoring, blogThe Rest

Adopting Suzuki’s new-generation platform minimised the size of the engine space while maximising the room available for cabin occupants and luggage. Within its compact body size, Ignis features a roomy and comfortable cabin with space between occupants, ample headroom and legroom contributing to its relaxing environment.

Another feature is large-capacity luggage space of 267L (227L for the ALLGRIP model). It also adopts sliding rear seat functionality that, combined with the ability to fold down the rear seat backs, makes it possible to accommodate a wide variety of luggage.

The cabin features extremely convenient storage space. In addition to the two-section glove box design, there are bottle holders in the centre and rear consoles as well as in the front and rear doors. The overall design goal was to maximise the ease of everyday use.

With a tall 180mm of minimum ground clearance, the Suzuki Ignis enhances driving performance on rough roads, while also enabling a seat position that provides clear visibility and makes driving easier. The tall seat position also contributes to the ease of entering and exiting the cabin.

A 1.2 DUALJET (K12C) petrol engine that delivers both powerful performance and excellent fuel economy powers the Ignis. This combines with the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) mild hybrid system to realise even greater fuel efficiency.

The Ignis adopts Suzuki’s ALLGRIP AUTO viscous coupling four-wheel drive system. By automatically distributing drive torque to the front and rear wheels when it detects the front wheel losing its grip of the road, the system achieves fuel economy while maximising performance. ALLGRIP AUTO gives the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, especially when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces.

Let’s hope this car is as much fun as it appears to be. Geoff Maxted