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Rubber Folly: Are Your Tyres Up To The Job?

It seemed to me that the use of second-hand or ‘remoulded’ tyres on cars was a rubber folly of the Twentieth Century consigned to history like that out-of-date prophylactic you once found at the back of the glove box. With modern motors, even city cars, having more power than ever you’d have thought that quality black hoops would be the order of the day for all. This seems not to be the case, at least according to supplier AA Tyres. Continue reading

The Car And UKIP

The world now knows the result of the Rochester by-election and, if the present trend continues you have to wonder if Genghis Farage and his suburban horde of ‘fruitcakes, loonies, waifs and strays’ (Ken Clarke) are likely to sweep into Downing Street like some sort of new and vengeful broom to sweep the old politics under the carpet. More importantly however is what UKIP’s plans would be for the poor, harassed motorist? Continue reading